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  1. How much HATE will I receive because I don’t like his freckles? Everything else looks cute. :-)

  2. As adorable as the “pleading” face is of a beagle puppy, this boy’s soft countenance is irresistible. Long eyelashes, gentle nose, full lips … pure animal magnetism.

  3. 😘aaah to remember those days when milkboys was all about cute boys…
    ~Here once again just a gloriously cute boy.
    Thanks Josh…

    1. Maybe we’re going in that direction again? If the posts of the last few days is any indication.

  4. Freckle Friday *12 milkboys 2018-06-29 Freckle Friday …
    — Looks like a boy we might want to steal away, and, nurture on our own.
    — This is not a photo of some mere innocent boy. Obviously over 18.
    — A good excuse to go get him, and, steal him. YES. Steal him.
    — Then, further, while counting the freckles, and, connecting the dots, have fun
    — Love this site. THANK YOU !

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