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    1. What are you talking about, he is cute, not despite his freckles, they make him even more cute.

    2. That’s not the half of it. This kid will definitely regret all those freckles when he gets older and wants a mate (either gender).

      His parents should have already sent him to a Dermatologist to investigate the removal of all of them — if scientifically possible.

      Cute? Freckles are [foreign] skin blemishes, pure and simple no matter how “cute” some of you think about them. There’s way too much skin problems on him for cuteness — that’s the reason he has so many blemishes.

      1. Perhaps I’m a idiot but I thought Freckles are caused by an innate gene mutation. The existing body cells produce more dark skin pigment than the environment and that’s all. Freckles are benign pigmentation disorders and not dangerous. There are even fake makeup-freckles. Andi if he has good parents, he will take them with pride, it makes him special. Some like it, some not, what ever.

        1. “I thought Freckles are caused by an innate gene mutation.”

          Regardless of HOW they’re caused, they’re still a skin blemish.

          “Freckles are benign pigmentation disorders and not dangerous.”

          That’s not always true. Some people with freckles can’t take much direct sunlight on the areas and the “freckles” can increase in numbers and intensity of the blemishes — to the point of causing a mild skin cancer.

          What may look “cute” to you is also a source of problems for the person having them. I know this because I had (have) them on my face (fortunately very light) and upper torso including arms (which became worse the more sun I was exposed to to the point of causing blisters).

          1. So just because you hate freckles doesn’t mean that everyone else should do it

      2. Why don’t you just shut the absolute fuck up PenOLDMAN?

        Lots of guys have freakles! Lots of men and women find them cute, and while some don’t, that is a-o-k. You’re a disgusting old man coming here and judging young boys and young men on how they look or choose to look, and I don’t get what faggot high-horse you think you rode in on that makes that shit ok. Fuck, if I could spit on your face every time you open your trap hole about tattoos! I would. You’re a judgemental bitch queen who needs to back the fuck off.

        Especially if that boy is in a country where it is common, like Northern Europe or Irish-heavy parts of the US, freakles are every day. This boy has a lot, but the image is also edited for high contrast which makes them show more strongly. He is young, which means he is outdoors a lot more than many adults and he will find they’ll fade with time indoors when school and work takes over. The last thing he needs to do is go get expensive procedures to alter his appearance because some q-tip wannabe time traveling faggot thinks so.

        As a boy, I had freakles and acne, but I still found gorgeous boys to love and fuck and now my acne scars and faded freckles as a young adult hasn’t held me back. You should see my boyfriend… he is milkboys front page hot… skinny, with a cute bubble ass, a massive dick, and killer smile on a boyish face, and a perfect bubble ass I love to bury my tongue in. Oh yeah… never mind… you’d open your bitch mouth because he has a small tattoo on his lower abdomen of paw prints, one for each of his passed on his pets. Because you think his expression of self is mutilation… while you advocate for this cute guy to mutilate away his freckles.

        Go away you judgemental old faggot bitch and shut the fuck up. Let these boys be fucking boys. If you can’t say something nice about one Josh’s models, just don’t say anything.

        1. THANK YOU for that rant. That Pen guy just spews “bitter old man” in all his posts. Its toxic.

  1. Oh, Penboy is sharing his open minded advice for free.

    “His parents should have already sent him to a Dermatologist to investigate the removal of all of them — if scientifically possible.”

    I admire the boldness of your statement on what the parents have done and especially what they should have done. Unfortunately that audacity likely arises from ignorance; his parents have infinitely more knowledge of him, his freckles and the actions they have taken than you.

    People come in different colours, features and shapes, why on earth should such small variations from the “norm” be removed?

    1. “his parents have infinitely more knowledge of him,”

      You have no idea of just how fucking ignorant “parents” are about their offspring, both biologically and emotionally. There are hundreds of millions of mothers (at the very least, but also including the fathers) throughout the world who are just plain stupid about their offspring — largely because of their own lack of any real education.

      One prime example: circumcision
      Another: “religion”

  2. I bet his knee hurts and that may leave a scar. Of course a knee scar looks good on a handsome boy.

    1. I agree with John R. That knee makes him All Boy and so even more attractive. The freckles seem to take care of themselves over time.

  3. Thanks, I love him. Agree to most of you above, freckles are great and there needs nothing to be done about it (what a ridiculous idea). Hope he remains that beautiful natural boy he is on the pic.

  4. Devil, thanks for that link.

    The one photo of freckle boy labeled NSFW… is that an error, or is there something there I’m missing?


    1. 😊@Paul
      ~I never clicked on it, I’m guessing it’s not related to freckle boy but is just another image that happened to be NSFW.

  5. OMG, freckles…. they are my kryptonite! They make my knees go weak because they are beautiful.

    For those who don’t like them, just remember, that is only your opinion and thank goodness we all don’t share that same point-of-view.

    That is a beautiful boy, and trust me, I think there are enough people out there who like freckles I suspect he will do just fine finding a mate later on in life…

  6. 1. Am not aware of many freckles as possible medical problems. Hear of it before but never look it up. You like them that way ? Then, fuck them, or, other wise, play with them. The freckles are not yours. Nor your problem.
    2. What percentage does freckles cause problems ? May be not all freckles are the same. Do remember a single mole becoming a cancer in a girl, though she is extra beautiful with that natural mark on her face.
    3. Remember that there are. at last counts, six to ten different types of ass hole. From a simple ‘point’ to a ‘vulvateen’. Thiink they put it as ‘vulvate’. But the ability to contain a painless get-a fuck is further inside. Never see the further results of any study of real. Do see lots of nonsense.
    4. Some guys assert that they are unable to do, or, tolerate, penile sex orally by sucking nor penile sex anally by fucking. Or, one, or, the other. There is more to say than am able to say more about.
    5. Freckles are yours to deal with, not any one else’s. Have fun, meanwhile, with the freckling attract ! ! !

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