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There are two kinds of magic tricks. One kind makes the spectator think: “That magician must have a lot of skill to pull off such a difficult trick.” The other kind makes the spectator think: “That was impossible.” Enjoy this brief film about 19-year-old Franco Pascali, directed by Jacob Rosenberg.

“When I met Franco Pascali, I was struck by how much I felt like I was meeting and hanging out with a young street skater. However, instead of witnessing skate tricks he destroyed me by his usage of cards.

Much like the world of skateboarding that I was raised in, magic and cardistry are intensely personal and individually orientated in terms of the endless practice that is required to master them.

Tricks are performed with decks and each person embodies a style that is distinctly their own. That style is reflective of the influences they devoured when they were coming up and their intrinsic sensibility that they develop as they mature.

As I spent time with Franco I immediately wanted to point my camera at him to capture the way he dressed, the way he talked, the breathtaking way he moved cards and the feeling I had in encountering such raw talent. This is our first film.”

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    1. Fingers? It takes the mind to know how, when and where to move those fingers to offer any pleasure.

  1. The combination of his elegance, his looks and his personality make him so much more than the sum of his parts. (I curious; does “I’m never bored OF it” sound right? I’ve only heard “bored WITH it.” So I’m wondering if it is a regional thing.)

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