Found My Way

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Ronan Parke’s new album Found My Way is out and you can either buy it here or listen to it on Spotify. Ronan’s going over every song track by track in the video below.

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  1. Thirty seconds into this video and I was gone. If I was forced to watch the whole thing I would’ve confessed to anything just to make it stop. Ronan is a super-hottie and I’d ‘do him’ in an instant, but musically, my only hope for him is some day he becomes a one-hit wonder with a song somebody else wrote.

  2. My oh my, he’s certainly grown up into a handsome young man and lost that horrendous camp voice and actions. His wonderful explanation of his album really sold it to me and the individual songs obviously relate to his life thus far.

    I wish him luck in the future and hope he gets himself back on the music scene and occasionally sharing one or two shirtless photos we’d all love to see.

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