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  1. I have enjoyed all the performers in EXO, hope that Luhan has a successful move into acting. I would have to think that his dancing skills will help. As dancers they expressed emotion in their movements. He is a very attractive young man.

  2. NCT have done a really good job of following EXO’s footsteps. NCT-127 have amazing choreography(2nd best in the industry after iKON) and NCT Dream are the most adorable unit of all time.

  3. I’ll happily make the first “racist” comment about Asians.

    Around this age, they can be among the most beautiful people in the world … and the sexiest as well. It’s just too bad that so many of their boys [in today’s world] have “bought in” (literally and figuratively) to those baggy “board-type” shorts and the general sloppiness of dress that’s prevalent in America (and beyond).

    1. Well that was an ageist not a racist remark.

      The thing is, his generation couldn’t care less what our generation thinks of their style of dress. et. al.

    1. Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30….Question Authority!… Gas, Grass, or Ass – Nobody Rides Free….Keep On Truckin’….Rock On….Peace Out.

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