Florida judge rules that “curing” kids from being gay is legal

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A judge in Florida struck down an ordinance by the city of Tampa which made the use of conversion “therapy” on minors illegal. In his decision, Judge William Fung argued that the city doesn’t have the authority to ban the practice.

The ruling stems from a lawsuit filed by New Heart Outreach, a Christian conversion torture practice in Tampa Bay. The lawsuit follows the passage of a 2017 ordinance banning medical professionals from attempting to “cure” the sexual orientation or gender identity of queer kids.

Conversion therapy refers to a broad, loosely defined range of practices from physical abuse to shock treatment and “praying the gay away.” Pretty much every leading medical organisation throughout the United States — including the American Psychological Association and the American Medical Association — has roundly condemned it as extremely harmful to minors. These groups have also expressed support for legislation to protect children from it.

While 18 states and Washington, D.C. have banned conversion therapy on LGBTQ+ minors, there aren’t any statewide protections in Florida, where a conversion therapy bill has repeatedly stalled in the state legislature.

In a statement, Equality Florida spoke out against last week’s ruling, suggesting it could lead to the repeal of other ordinances in the state. Although less than a quarter of the state’s population are safeguarded from conversion therapy under local laws, Florida also leads the nation in the number of city and county municipalities that have passed ordinances to ban conversion therapy.

Despite the dangers of conversion therapy, the New York City Council recently repealed its own conversion therapy ordinance in fears of a similar challenge to Tampa’s.

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  2. This has to do with the division of powers in a federal system. Each state has wide discretion as long as their laws do not violate the constitution. The judge’s decision is that under Florida law, municipalities do not have authority the authority to make this ordinance. Conversion therapy bans have been widely upheld by the courts where they are properly enacted. We’ll get there, though obviously more slowly in some states than in others…

    1. This is the comment I was going to make. The judge has nothing against the LGBTQ. He came to a legally sound opinion on the issue. Under the ordinance, the ban was enforced by the city department that normally enforces things like “overgrown weeds”
      The Florida state legislature holds preemptive power on health regulations, and municipalities lacks the power or expertise to regulate.

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