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A tale of first love, Fireworks (original title: Stranizza d’amuri) tells the story of two teenagers who fall for each other in the very conservative Sicily in the 1980s. They will carry the weight of society and face tragic consequences. Gabriele Pizzurro and Samuele Segreto star in the film alongside Fabrizia Sacchi (“Suspiria’) and Simona Malato (“The Macaluso Sisters”).

Stranizza d’amuri is inspired by true events, the murder of two boys in a Sicilian small town in the ’80s,” said Eleonora Pratelli of Ibla Film. “This was a crime that changed forever the perception of homosexuality in Italy. Its emotional impact on public opinion was so deep and vast that it opened the way to the creation of the first association aimed at safeguarding homosexuals’ rights.”

She added that story was “still dramatically relevant today.” She said the film aimed at “restoring the dignity of two boys killed by hate and prejudice and whose memory was then buried in indifference.”

I’ll post a review of the film when I can find a stream somewhere.

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  1. Samuele Segreto, the black haired boy who’s always on the back of the moped, is so cute and looks as hot as hell in the shirtless and swimwear scenes.

  2. Wow. Messed up real plot. As queer and sexual as Italy is it has the same messed up conflicts just like everywhere else, of course. The irony of the Catholic church headquartering there but of course because it is as twisted too. Never ending story.

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