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  1. 😜Not his best pic but he’s got some cute ones on the Instagram link provided by Josh…
    😘Still love him though and can’t wait to binge watch “Stranger Things” one day!

  2. Depends what he was trying to depict for himself… doesn’t it?

    A touch of something Dickensian there but as with nearly everything stage like in USA it’s a bit too manicured. When you can evoke smell from a picture then perhaps you know the imagery is worth something.

    J. Depp manages that quite well at times and much much better than most Hollywood actors.

    It’s hard to describe…. Star Trek tried to make the expensive film set look real but Doctor Who sets were mostly and very obviously cardboard and kitchen foil. Doctor Who always won though by a million miles for the scare factor and brilliantly captivating story lines. Meaning, only making a perfect visual picture just isn’t enough.

    It’s not a good thing to comment harshly on the basis your eyes don’t see enough super twinkiness in him.
    If Finn Wolfhard grows up into being the next Ian McKellen — then that will be more than wonderful.

    Who is Chistopher Atkins — remember?

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