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  1. Great song… Excellent performance… Stunningly beautiful singers… what more could we ever ask for. Thank you.

  2. Pretty enough Korean boiz but I found the whole performance a touch melodramatic and over-wrought but then I’m not in the group’s target demographic.

  3. Several points about this music video:

    1. I would have preferred if you [josh] had at least provided a “commentary” about this song — it’s lyrics/”story” translated into English so we across that big pond can understand this song/music and therefore appreciate it even more.

    2. I’ve found that most deep Asian “pop” music/singing by them is usually quite good to excellent. They have an inherent understanding of real harmony with their vocal execution of their songs. (For the most part, “Pop” is the only genre I’ve paid any attention to with their music. My early days of Japanese Pop began with Four Leaves.)

    3. There was an odd sound/”effects” in the beginning as an undertone that sounded somewhat like wadding up paper or similar. Very distracting even if it was an intended “effect”.

    4. The early “rap” talk was, in a word, terrible — just like our “homegrown” [c]rap. If they were after a mimic of our black rap artists, they were successful in that, but not in a good way (my opinion). But the second “talk” later in the song, wasn’t bad at all. It sounded like, well, Japanese (not just in language [duh!], but tone as well) and was quite acceptable (even if I didn’t understand the meaning[s]), almost ‘musical’.

    5. Lastly (but obviously apparent at the very beginning), as usual, for young Japanese men, they are quite good looking and a pleasure to watch.

  4. oh wow i just saw this post, i feel honored lol.
    i found this song by watching a korean variety show and i just thought the song sounded really good and the footwork was interesting. also that they are some cute boys in the video

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