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  1. this guy is good looking, I like the top left shot best. He looks like a GUY with style. He also looks like my ex

  2. ~Loved her in what I’ve seen of Stranger Things especially her relationship with Mike which is really well done and touching. She does actually look like a boy with her natural buzz job in the show but rest assured ‘she’ shines through just fine.
    For some reason her natural accent grates at me whenever I hear her offscreen, (out of character) in interviews or something but that just proves what a great actor she is.
    This video is well worth watching if you have 15min’s or so and haven’t seen “Stranger Things”:,

      1. Humorous, yes. Open for TV — general public consumption, it’s about time. But “best”? Not quite.

  3. 😂Since we’re well off the rails already I offer this to maybe preempt future problems like that mouthful in Horselip’s clip but of course I prefer helping her cute brother with it at the end!
    …this is the full version of a great classic:

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