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Meet Yohio, a Swedish teen who dresses like a doll, sounds like a man, speaks perfect Japanese, English and Swedish, and shreds guitar (and the piano) like nobody’s business.


Despite his European heritage, he’s developed a cult following in Japan and is lauded by teenage girls because of his “feminine beauty”. Describing himself as a bishonen, Yohio prides himself on his doll-like features.

According to his blog on Japanese social networking site AMEBA, he became interested in Japanese culture when he was introduced to Anime at the age of ten. He then developed an interest in learning the language, and started reading Japanese blogs and following Japanese celebrities on Twitter.

After starting the Visual Kei band Seremedy he was signed to Universal Music Japan and quickly developed a cult following.

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  1. An interesting character, properly capitalizing on his gimmick and his wide ranging talents with the rebellious youth of Nippon. Learning more than one language fluently is difficult enough, but to be fluent in 3 as different as these are is amazing – as my own experience with pig-Latin will attest. Mastering 2 musical instruments is also quite an accomplishment – I did it too – first with Tape Deck, and later, Radio. Not for the faint of heart.

    You go girl, er, uh, Yohio! You’re only young once, and looks are the first thing we lose. We’ll never see a ‘Great-Grandmother Barbie’ doll. Oh, how I’d love to see Mattel make a doll modeled on you. But if they won’t I’d settle for a Clone-A-Willie.

  2. No disrespect but as a gay man I never understood the whole “femboy” thing. I’m gay I like boys, so if I wanted a boy that looks like a girl then I’d just be straight… right?

  3. He is having fun and I let it go there. And, as that, I get it. I remember mummer’s parade guys getting it on, styles fantastic, before the act on the street for the new year parade, and the after-action get-it-ons. I also remember the halloween parties costuming. And the st. patrick’s day clothing antics, before, during, and after. I simply was a part-time witness, understand, and did nothing. Go on figure. :-)

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