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    1. @gary (and milkboys):
      “Ever since the site went down the posts here have become meh”

      Well, I’ve submitted 2 very interesting videos showing athleticism and good looking young men, but I haven’t heard from “the powers that be” whether they’ve been accepted yet.

      I’m trying to improve it in my own little way. :-)

    1. “I like him.”

      Yeah, that’s about right ….. from reading that interview, I think you’re a great match for him.

  1. “Where did Will Smith go so wrong?”

    Probably home-schooling. And here’s proof of that:


    “Femboy Friday”???

    I know it has an “F” sound, but for this one, you maybe should have spelled it, Phemboy Friday?

    Doesn’t sound “catchy”, but more correctly, “cross-dressing Friday”? I wouldn’t consider Jaden “fem” in any way …. more like, boy, go back to a regular school before you grow up.

    1. Just looked it up and found this:

      Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith is a cross-dresser now. . . for a movie! Ha! Got ya! The movie, The Good Lord Bird follows a slave who teams up with freedom fighters, who is mistaken for a girl. Jaden is perfect for the role since he is still so young, and has that baby boy skin, he’ll be great!

      I can agree with that …. and he does still have cuteness.

  2. I like everything about this particular picture, but that’s not to say I like him or this style in general.

  3. Looks like this post, as with most on here have been ‘taken over’ by Mr make believe moderator’ pen boy again ……

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