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Naoko Tachibana is a photographer and professional ‘josou’ specialist who has helped over 1,000 men to try out crossdressing, giving styling and fashion advice as well as shooting stunning photos of the completed transformation. And josou itself – male to female crossdressing – is the theme of a new solo exhibition of Tachibana’s photographic work, which opens at the Vanilla Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo this month.

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  1. My all-time favorite topic is Femboy (whatever, fill-in-the-blank) and while this boy isn’t all that cute, thanks anyway.

  2. Sorry, but I have to make a couple of satiristic comments.

    “Naoko Tachibana is a photographer and professional ‘josou’ specialist … giving styling and fashion advice …”

    Styling and fashion advice? [see below photo] From the Planet of the Apes series?

    and this is hilarious!:
    “The gallery talk is 2,000 yen (including one drink), but the exhibition itself is only 500 yen.”

    Everyone needs a drink to get through this gallery? I know I’d need a particularly strong drink after viewing this:

  3. ” satiristic ”

    PMSL !

    In his desperation for attention, the poor old cunt is making words up now !

    1. kinkyNUTS:

      So, you still haven’t “graduated” from diapers?

      Satiristic was at the time sounded more interesting than “satirical”.

      1. I make up words whenever I have to. When a catapostrophe happens, sometimes the dictionary listings don’t quite cover it. For example, if Hillary is elected, it will be an apocalysm, just like Obama has been a catastroscope. Bernie Sanders…now that would be a cataclypse.

        Sometimes, just for shits and giggles, I spell potato with an e on the end. Those familiar with Mexican food know what a chimichanga is, but when I make ’em, my friends call them chimichaBANGAS because they’re awesome. Dogs engage in much sniffage and barketry. When I entertain, I do the cookening.

        My dear, dear, dearest Penboy -do not be troubled by the sophomoristic objections of the common herd, for we here enjoy the highest level of poetic license – to create, to expound, and to wax paper philosophical. Enjoy.

        1. Thank you horsey. :-) I’ll leave that 1st paragraph be for now …… and patiently wait for your responses if Hillary should win. :-)))

          “… do not be troubled by the sophomoristic objections of the common herd …”

          My, you are generous with your intellectual hierarchy with him. But, don’t forget, he’s still a queen’s subject (in both senses of the word).

  4. The boy is beautiful, first of all. Secondly, the exhibit is an awesome attack on gender roles and dress codes, defying expectations in the name of progress. That’s rad. If you don’t think so, forget you. And please just ban Penboy from the site already. He picks fights with everything that moves, and is such a pretentious killjoy, in every comments section.

    1. @rollseyes:

      If you’ll send me your email, I’ll happily send you a list of birthday gifts that I like you can send me. :-)

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