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  1. Looks nice as you do when you are that age. Not overly fem. and with the breast bared, not really fem.

  2. I don’t know why you list “these types” as “femboys.” To me, they only look boyish — I don’t see the “fem” in them at all. Just cute and looking to have a close boyfriend.

  3. All children start life as largely androgynous. As they begin to ripen over time individual gender characteristics develop. Personally I enjoy the mixture. He’s a very cute lad.

  4. Femboy Friday *19 milkboys 2018-07-13 …
    — He is OK but not enough to like. He is NOT a FEM !
    — Gender Neutrality proponents fail in insisting there is no gender specifically. Our site maker tells us this he is a fem boy. Is this a gal making up as a guy ? Gals making up as Guys in a homo bar do exist. Get a dick. What do hear at night by guys wanting sex? It is what my ears hear them talking about. ”Go to that gay bar”. There they go, all three. Definite gender neutrality. This neuter runs away from original place of cest.

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