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    1. I gotta agree with you there Penboy, this boy is adorable, and surely doesn’t need the “silly circling hearts”. LOL

  1. 😘Weirdly cute fer sure!
    Link’s a waste though…
    It’s got one of those sensitive warnings from Tumblr which basically means you go through hoops to get there then get zip😜… Typical Tumblr way of scratching boy sites that they want gone😟

    1. I got no warning..
      He does however, have clips of himself using dog and horse d!ldos so that innocent look is just that, a look

    2. There are loads of tumblr viewers which will allow you to view a ‘sensitive mode’ tumblr blog without a tumblr account… do a google search and try out a few of them.

      This one (Jack) has lots of his butt on display. :-P

  2. Re. Tumblr 😜
    ~I have a acct. with them and it’s still a major pain 😤!

    😘Link is ‘Jack’,(in red!) just click…
    good luck getting through Tumblr’s sensitivity portal though!!

  3. Just sign in to tumbler then use your back arrow key to get back to milkboys and then hit the red jack.

  4. The personal problem with femme boys is that girls and women do NOT act the way femme boys/men do. Drag Queens, such as am aware of, are really more of the male orient than the female showing. Femme boys and trans males are more femme than the females they say they are or are of. The entire idea of being born aware of sexuality is an absurdity as no one is born knowing any thing. Boy Girls and Trans Men, as per personal experience, are not like any of the females am also aware of and do experience. Exaggerating is one thing. Playing around is a similar. Running down the street at night in the wife’s dress , in a group of such, is not trans but a manner of having fun with fellow male buddies, as odd as do see it, yes, do witness this [one of that group the boss, at the time, of the job]. Asserting a male is a female is something else entire. A boy becoming a girl’s girl friend is one thing. Becoming a girl via surgery is another thing. Do consider the entire trans thing a fraud. Feeling being a girl but being a boy is impossible. There is not such a feeling. Never ‘feel’ like a boy but am one. PERIOD. What does it ‘feel’ like to be a boy ? DUH ! There is 1000+ ways to be male. May be one way is to cut it off and be a castrati on purpose. Or, to be a contralto on purpose. OK. PUH -LEEESE do not try to be a female. Even born oddities are male or female. Sperm is Sperm and Eggs are Eggs. PERIOD. The XO chromosome still has exactly ONE yield. ETC, ETC, and ETC.

    1. Aside from the obvious fact that, showing an American flag, you write exceptionally poor English; but more important, you (along with horsey) are totally ignorant of the nuances that make up a human being. How many nuances? Start with the number of nerve endings in any given human body. It would be easy to conclude that (again, right along with horsey,) you’re of some ignorant ‘religious’ persuasion that you can’t [WON’T] consider any other sexual mores other than what was DICTATED TO YOU by probably equally ignorant parents shoving their religion down your throat while they use their local church for you as some asinine babysitting culture.

    2. Golly you are a bit of a fool aren’t you? So very silly I think we’re being trolled. Don’t YOU ever decide for other folks.

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