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  2. The very first Bing entry of Demida:


    Russia has always had some catching up to do with the rest of the Western world, but when it comes to churning out teen sluts, they’re arguably well ahead. One girl whom the West should follow doggedly on all fours, just to sniff her butt crack, is the delectable tight teen Demida. Sometimes she answers to Sindy, and other times she’ll come running if you just flash your dick, but no matter what, Demida is always one hot Slavic fuck bunny. Weighing just over 90lbs, her sprite little body is stretched, slim, and always ready to get slammed. Demida has great bee-sting tattays with wide pink areolas you could get lost staring into, as if they were the vortex to tiny-girl paradise. Growing up in the backwoods of some Russian village, she always dreamed of living the big city life. Fucking and sucking her way across the countryside in wagons and trains, Demida finally made it to the limelight in the great Euro slut capitals like Prague and Budapest. At 21, she launched her porno career with films like “Anal Teens From Russia” and “Butt Babes”. Whether it’s oral, vaginal, anal, or any combination thereof, Demida is seriously enthusiastic about getting her bodily entryways juiced up and ready for business. Get the tissue supply ready for this babe or you’ll be staining up your workspace worse than a busted fire hydrant filled with gamete sauce.

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