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  1. Wow! That’s quite a look! Has a feeling of an Egyptian queen or princess (albeit a flat-chested one).

    Can we see what that hand is covering?

    1. I agree. But, I was thinking more like Roman. Emperor Hadrian’s boyfriend (yes, lover) Antinous, who died by falling out of the royal barge into the Nile. So, yeah, kinda Egyptian also.

      1. Go see the bust of Antinous in the Louvre. It ain’t nuthin like this!!! You’ll see why people out in the countryside thought he must be a god descended from Mount Olympus when he was out hunting with Hadrian.

  2. He can be an Vulcanian or X8amtru or what ever for me ….
    Doesn’t matter.
    Nice and teasing photo with a good setup/scene and a good make-up artist.
    Too sad, its not the boys own curly hairs.

    EDIT: clicked further and … OMG that hairs !

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