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  1. Yawn … another one of these “hehehe … you thought it was a boy, but it’s actually a girl!”

  2. So, “Femboy Friday” is now “Friday’s Trap”?

    I honestly can’t tell if the above is a male or female (genitalia speaking). Many Asians and Latins maintain a very smooth throat [Adam’s apple] for quite some time during and even after puberty. One can say this attribute further explains a possible higher evolution (from the Primates) or just a higher refinement of humanoids [which is arguably the same]. Remember, humans don’t have nearly the amount of body hair that our “cousins” in the Primate world have.

    The above is definitely very cute … even pretty. And many “real” boys can be considered very pretty also.

  3. I think this boy he’s a dial, he is so cute, this is and good picture, I think that he would be and good, I would love to have him as my friend.

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