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  1. I wonder if I am alone in preferring to get to know someone before seeing even such pleasing shots of them naked. Paradoxically I also like porn. Perhaps it is that Milo, at least as presented here, is not porn, so I do not ‘see’ him in the same way.

    1. @It’s Only Me:
      “I wonder if I am alone in preferring to get to know someone before seeing even such pleasing shots of them naked.”

      That’s the “prudishness” in all of us, I think. But, you can think of it just like straights that look at the models of Playboy magazine (and all the rest).

      The main difference is that Milo is doing this — not for pay, but some sort of personal satisfaction of pleasing us, the “chosen few” (as it were). All we can do is thank him and enjoy the images.

      1. I see why you say ‘prudishness” and yet I disagree, for I am not at all a prude.

        I suspect it is something akin to feeling something (undefined) for Milo and thus wishing he did not choose to tantalise us thus. And yet I would not know (of) him had he not done so.

        Or is it, I wonder, the title “Femboy” that I find an increasing objection to? I think I object to that in whatever context. I speak as a wholly masculine bloke who is one of nature’s aggressive(!) bottoms!

        1. My first thought was, ” Is Milo a femboy ” ?

          I can’t say I’ve ever thought of him as anything other a good looking young man with a penchant for exhibitionism.

          Nice set of pix, Josh, just surprised at the judgemental title.

        2. @It’s Only Me:
          “I see why you say ‘prudishness” and yet I disagree, for I am not at all a prude.”

          Nor am I. I said that more as a “comparison” to the “typically straight” response of: “Not on the first date with me! Get to know me first — Wine, dine and woo me.”

          But, of course, for gays meeting, it’s [historically] a bit more complicated than that.

      2. @itsonkymeacrossthesea: I agree with you.

        @Penboy:,he used to camwhore very publically on half a dozen or so tumblr accounts so hardly a chosen few.

        1. @finicky:
          “he used to camwhore very publically”

          You mean, much the same way you post a noticeably younger photo of “yourself” [sic] to somehow attract another on this site?

        2. Fini, Don’t talk smack about Milo. He’s beautiful, kind, and soooo doesn’t deserve your junior high school stupid observations.

      3. I like that Milo’s photos are here for us to enjoy, but being in front of a camera sometimes can be a very personal thing and have nothing to do with the pleasures of others. I have a friend that loves being photographed naked. And he will show them to you if you ask. But otherwise they are simply there for him to enjoy.

  2. Very pretty, indeed.

    I just hope none of these (and the numerous ones you’ve already posted before) will hurt you in your chosen career. This could be “very brave” to expose yourself so much just to please a select audience.

    But, thank you for being such good eye candy.

  3. *unpopular opinion incoming* lol, Milo looks SO Dutch! I’m just realizing after living a few months in the Netherlands :D

  4. Can anyone say where i can get more pics of milo or could anyone send me some? And does someone know if he still posts stuff somewhere?

  5. Always self effacing.
    Always modest.
    But, OH BOY!
    Methinks Milo knows exactly how good he looks.
    Never mind his gentle teasing… Milo always brings a happy smile out in me.

    10 Points again for Milo…. :)

  6. Milo is such a nice guy, smart, artistic, sensitive young man. If he ever came to the USA, I would love to meet him.

  7. In the few times I’ve seen Milo online in chat he is always sweet, self-effacing and kind.

  8. Josh, if you could arrange to interview Milo, either in person or by phone, I think it would be really cool to know more about him than just his incredibly sexy pics.

    1. I am not being bitchy here (well maybe a little bit) but having a bubble butt and a passion for using Nair does not necessarily make you an interesting person. This guy used to have a thread on the board when that was still extant and he had nothing remotely interesting to say.

      1. Fini(shed):
        “This guy used to have a thread on the board when that was still extant and he had nothing remotely interesting to say.”

        For you, maybe. Some of us find that you usually have nothing remotely interesting to say as well.


        “he used to camwhore very publically …”

        Hmmm. For a “liberal christian” [he, he …. I always laugh at that one], that’s not a very “christian thought” to have or say publically about another human and gay person as well.

        1. Well I can call him she if you like ;) And I am aware of some people’s feelings about me and I am not bothered tbh.

          I have little patience though with boys/guys who post explicit pictures on open forums and then bitch and moan that they are being harassed later on down the line. I have seen it happen time and time again during my what 6 years or so around this site. One of these guys I talk to away from here: now straight and in his early 20s. It just takes one right click and share to cause potential mayhem and this guy’s pictures have done the rounds on the net and he is terrified his family and friends may find out so has dramatically altered his image.

          Do you remember that Sexybubs/Dumbledore kid? I used to chat with him a lot before he disappeared and I remember when he told me that explicit photos he had taken and posted somewhere (I never saw them) were geotagged and some asshole was threatening to come around to his house if you ever did, Very, very scary stuff.

          As for the religious side of things, you complain that people talk about it but then you bring it up at every opportunity. I would be the last person to ever admit to being a saint…

        2. Oh by the way seeing as you mentioned religion: have you tried Buddhist meditation and mindfulness PB? It might get rid of some of that angst and rage. I admit to having a lot of angst and rage until very recently but have mostly overcome it by meditation. You take things so personally! Anyway I still enjoy being skeptical and controversial but my comments should really be water off a duck’s back.

      2. Milo has plenty interesting to say. YOU, Fini are the one who has nothing interesting to say. Your jealous snark is embarrassing, too bad you don’t know, or don’t care.

  9. I look at this utterly delicious twink and my tongue gets so hard I can’t talk. Milo is an Adult Playground, his mesmerizing body is an Amusement Park of sexy rides and attractions.

    1. @horsey:
      “I look at this utterly delicious twink and my tongue gets so hard I can’t talk. ”

      Please, stop teasing us!

      1. Well,he is moderately delicious, but you chose to be teased by looking on this blog in the first place.I have concluded that their is not really any point in ogling pictures of cute young boys, because all it achieves is creating a lust for something which can never be had.It generates malcontent.The fact is that boys of the quality and caliber that people ogle,such as ones on this blog, will never be available to average kind of guys,even if they are amazing people,skilled or talented or even rich,they wont ever get to be with boys like that.
        So no point fantasizing,and getting your tongue all hard, because you won’t be having a taste……

        1. To the one from Australia:
          I’m pretty sure you’re replying to the wrong person with that rant.

      2. Oh,terribly sorry.How stupid of me.Your right, I sent my reply to the wrong person,the one with a smart ass.It was meant for the guy with a smart brain…
        Save your assessments of my “rants” for yourself.I don,t give a shit if u don,t like what I have to say.

      3. Please don’t waste the cartilage in your fingers by replying,o.k, one from USA.
        With love
        “the one from Australia”

  10. Milo “cutest guy on the world” is back on this site :3 … sadly that mauwmauw3 is down :/
    I miss the board where i could write with him ^^

    1. Un vero uomo romantico italiano ma devi andare a Roma e forse puoi trovare un ragazzo li. Molti di beli ragazzi uomosessuale :) Ragazzi europei del nord sono freddi

  11. love Milo, and like another commentor said sad that his tumbler got nuked by the stupid mods again. D:<

    1. I think he put mauwmauw3 down by his own. The window that opens when you want to go to his site was something like “this tumblr channel isn’t active right now” :/

      1. The only thing that i know from a text that i saw in a gayforum is, that he showed his private parts in his last posts … that would destroy the mystic of his other Fotos for me :O …

    1. new ID?? That forces me to the following statement:

      I hereby deny any connection between “Hebdough” (hebrew/jewish dough/pastry = matze “מצה”) and any variation of my nickname.!

      …this finiSHED guy should rename to Vinegar-whale or bile-pile

  12. As they say in book disclaimers Matz: “the characters are the work of the author’s imagination.Any similarities to any living person are purely coincidental”

  13. I’ve been trying to find the right words. A unique purity and sexiness meld in Milo pics. A ‘Milo’ alchemy of beauty and character shines through. And he is so kind, sweet, modest-we love that too :3.

  14. Milo once had a Blog. Can you tell me on what Page it was.?
    Blogspot, WordPress or Tumblr.
    would be very kind <3


  15. Now I love this boy he is so cute I love twink cute boys and he’s one of them I think he’s got and cute butt I’m sure they’re only going to show his back and his butt but I like this picture I should say I love this picture

  16. This boy he’s really cute, he’s naked they only show his butt, he has a nice butt, I would love to see his penis, you know he has nice penis.

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