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  1. Oh my, oh my! Beautiful hair, beautiful soft smooth skin, beautiful lips and beautiful clear eyes of youth. For me, this boy is perfection. Thank you for sharing this photo with us.

  2. What an adorable little puppy with malteser eyes aww. Now I need to raid the freezer for a scoop of strawberry ice cream. When I was 12 I was a dab hand with an ice pole. Still am for that matter. Has he got an older brother or Uncle?

  3. Very cute and the essence of beautiful youth. Even his ears look interesting as well as having a nice shallow jowl. Nice hair, too … wait, is that a comb stuck in the back out among the jutting long and flowing, but twisted follicles? Thick eyebrows as well the thickness on top of his head — is that a sign of future “hairiness”?

    And, he’s proven himself to be quite a hustler, as well — he hustled his image right onto this site. Thanks for that!

  4. Now that we’ve gotten past that incredibly cute face, I have to ask:

    What is that on top of his drink — surrounding the straw? And what is he drinking? Is it something popular in Europe or Australia?

    I’m guessing the “drink” is something like a Sundae (ice-cream) with chocolate, but not sure. The top looks something like a donut … with a lot of sweetness on top of it and chocolate nougats or similar.

    And what is his name — are there more photos of him we can see?

      1. The next photo we see of him will be at least half-dozen pimples (popped?) on his face to ruin that flawless skin (today).

        1. Yes, it will not be long till he has to deal with acne or facial/body hair. Sic transit gloria mundi.

  5. 😘Super cute young hustler, he’s a real treat🍧!
    ~Wish I knew what he wrote on the back of his hand; all I can make out is ‘Hav..’

    1. Thanks for pointing that out … didn’t see it. But I think it’s probably something more like “Hey” than ‘hav’. Or something entirely different.

  6. I wonder if the term that adorns his shirt is an occupational statement or merely a fashion one.

    1. It’s a brand name:
      http :// www dot bewild dot com/humetmo.html

      and probably a [fashion statement] for him.

  7. 17 comments and running…I think there’s a reason. When I saw him I thought, “He’s not the same old perfect boy that we see on most posts,” and that’s what makes him so attractive. I wonder if he thinks he’s attractive. At that age, most boys don’t think they are because they don’t fit the stereotypical ideal of perfection, but I think that the majority of us prefer cuties that have uniqueness and endearing flaws over super model-like perfection.

  8. His name is Harvey Petito, and he is a supermodel from Australia. Pretty good guess Gfron1

    1. Can’t tell if you were being serious or sarcastic since I was completely wrong :) Where I was right is that in America he would be a Target-quality model, which is what he is versus, say a Versace type. And I guess that’s what I meant by not super model.

  9. Forget the pimples, if you check out the page of photos [Bing] of him, he’s gained at least 40-60 pounds over his ht:wt ratio. He’s become a little porky now … probably from eating all those sweet piled on “drinks”.

    1. OMG, you’re a fucking disgusting man.

      You’re flat out fucking wrong. The kid is fucking 13 years old. Of course a pubescent boy is gonna gain some weight (natural part of puberty to gain weight in preparation for the massive growth he will soon go through). Its surely not 40-60 lbs you asshole. You just open your pedo mouth injecting your narrow disgusting opinions everywhere, don’t you?

      His instagram shows a beautiful, average, healthy kid. Get over yourself disgusting troll.


        This is another photo of him:
        https:// www [dot] famousbirthdays [dot]] com/headshots/harvey-petito-6.jpg

        And I’m just selecting the FACIAL SHOT of him — which does him a bit more justice than another photo of him on that same page. To have a face like that as far as his weight is concerned, that photo shows he is NO LESS than 45 pounds over his ht:wt ratio (as it should be). While I could concede the “top” amount, he is clearly approaching 50+ pounds overweight in just that photo.

        So, fuck you, you pile of shit.

      2. What people [primarily parents] are failing to see in today’s world is the outright commonality of children being not just a “bit” overweight, but many times approaching 100+ pounds overweight in their children and it continues through their life because their parents do NOT:

        1. Monitor WHAT their kids eat on a DAILY BASIS.
        2. Apparently having enough “wealth” to not care where their child goes to eat during the day, and/or taking them OUT TO EAT to fast food places which are notorious for FAT CONTENT.
        3. Allowing their children to stay in front of some electronic device 24/7 like: PHONES, TABLETS, LAPTOPS or DESKTOPS and NOT telling them (and monitoring them) to go OUTSIDE AND EXERCISE IN SOME FASHION, EVEN JUST WALKING AROUND THE NEIGHBORHOOD.

        America as well as UK, Australia, Latin Americas, have become so lazy during their formative years, we’re collectively becoming the fattest people on Earth.

  10. He’s not wrong tho.

    You are a disgusting waste of a skin and even by septard standards, you are fucking ignorant.

    Nowhere is the boy hideously overweight and instead of admitting you may have made an error, you pathetically try and bully your critic into silence, a perfect analogy for your sad, irrelevant country, really.

    Thank you Xenicum for IDing Harvey, I couldn’t.

  11. @Pen”Boy”IsGrosss (cool tag😂)
    ~Cute pics, seems to be a very busy boy; even appears to have a few movies under his belt. Thanks for sharing with us.

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