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  1. From this angle, everything but the burnt toast (Raspberry jam for it?) looks very good … including the server. Let’s see now …. Orange juice for the glass of ice, what looks like coffee on the left, and some cold creamy [something] for the cup of Love.

    Although I’m not sure what is spread over the eggs (I think they’re eggs).

  2. Is that spinach, eggs and toast I see for breakfast? Umm, where is the steak, the ham, bacon, and sausage? Where are the hash browns or cottage fries? The side of French toast or pancakes? And a cinnamon roll, a croissant, or an English muffin is preferable to burned bread. I guess the eggs will do.

    The only thing in this pic I’m really hungry for is the boy. He’s perfectly prepared and looks delicious.

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