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  1. So, is he trying to show us that it’s ice cream that makes him so damn cute and his facial skin so beautiful and smooth?


  2. Pen boy mentioned the skin of the boy in the picture. It is interesting that is what I noticed too. I tend to be an eyes person, that is where I look first but with this boy, it was skin, eye then hair. Absolutely adorable.

    1. I don’t have any idea whether this photo was “retouched” [today’s lingo: photoshopped] or not, but this photo shows his skin virtually flawless — what beautiful images are made of. Plus, so many “pure” (and I know that’s a “strange” concept for this purpose] Asians naturally have near flawless skin — like “pure” Chinese, “pure” Japanese [and of course, this is quite “vague”]. But if you’ve been around Asians (in Asia), then you will understand this reasoning — not to say such flawless skin isn’t on other boys of other “races”/nationalities as well.

      Don’t “flame” … just re-read and look at other people’s physical features critically — just like animals in the wild can have absolutely beautiful hair/fur with equally beautiful colors.

      Just the nature of the “beast”. [Evolution at work all over the world.]

  3. I think this boy is so cute I’m in love to have him eating ice cream I don’t mind doing some things with him especially having ice cream together and doing other things together

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