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  1. I would say that he “took someone’s cherry” but he appears to me to be a bottom boy so he should be giving that cherry to someone else. :-))

      1. As I stated, he appears to me to be a bottom boy.

        I can say that because I’ve had enough experiences through my life to “judge” when I see certain people: their looks, their actions, their speech patterns and even their “body English”.

        Some things just can’t be “explained” — just like you know when someone is looking directly at you in a desirable [“gay”] way …. as opposed to one looking at you peripherally or just “looking around” and happens to notice you as another in public.

        Please don’t attempt to argue this — particularly if you’re young[er]. [I say this because before I allowed myself to get into a protracted argument from someone in Sweden.]

    1. @devilena:

      I know I want to say something to you …. now, what was it? Oh, yes, …….
      Nope but thanks for your useless input. That was it.

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