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    1. “Snack attack”

      Definitely. I’m just a little “surprised?” he wasn’t snacking on a Tourteau Fromagé (a traditional Poitou Charentes cheesecake that has a very specific appearance). This cheesecake is really a cake and not some kind of “pie” that most Americans grow up on. It’s delicious and quite delicate as well — it’s very easy to “get past” the “burnt” crust and well worth it!

      I knew a very nice French lady who would visit us (my partner & I) at least once per year and sometimes even more — she had won a French lottery and loved to travel to the U.S.. Honestly, she was [mentally] a young girl in a large adult body and LOVED to snack — she would make sure she had at least 3 of the very large jars of American peanut butter, and other sweets. For over a dozen years, she would bring us at least 6 of those Tourteau Fromagé during each visit and I embarrassingly confess, I couldn’t get enough of them. And she LOVED Disneyland — she was obsessed with it — particularly “A Small World”.

    1. Yes, I do recommend going to his tumblr site ….. and there’s a very interesting update:

      Je Suis Charlie” and what appears to possibly be his own cartoon about one of those very tragic incidents during that siege.

      Please go and see for yourself.

      1. Thanks Penboy, I went to his Tumbler, he is not only very beautiful, with wonderful facial expressions, he is artistically talented, smart and socially aware.

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