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  1. 😈Surprised no one’s mentioned, love the new house avatar’s…..
    😊Excellent news ur feeling better!

  2. Is that cum on his tits? It looks like it. Has someone nutted all over that boy and covered him with their seed? . Dirty boy. Lol. I want to see his big cock and balls.

    1. “Is that cum on his tits?”

      Doubtful. I’d say it’s more like sprinkled or poured water for a staged photo. It goes all the way to his neck from below the navel. Not likely it’s even very thin semen. But he is very cute.

      Sorry to break your porn thoughts. “Cum” up with a new idea now. :-) [I’m a realist.]

    2. I don’t know how to break the news, but yes that is cum. The performers usually have very healthy sexuality and abilities and able to perform in front of a camera crew. And yes, some people can come all over their chests (in this case some of that cum is his partners). The cum is thin because of active glands that produce the secretions that are most of the volume in cum. Blazing hot sex for a half hour or hour can produce a lot of liquid.

  3. I think this boy he’s really hot, he’s so cute, he’s got a nice body, you know he looks good naked, I would love to see him naked, you know he has a nice butt, and a nice penis, I would love to suck his penis all the time he can sperm in my mouth, I would love to eat out his penis.

  4. “Fap? Friday”

    I need more than just a torso to even desire to “fap.” I can see that much on the many beaches within my area … just a few miles to drive … especially this time of year … and I don’t have the urge to “fap” just seeing them on the beach … and I can and will see more than just what this photo shows. I’m no “perv” just at the “drop of a hat.”

    Btw, quite interesting pencil or charcoal drawing attempt behind him.

  5. Helix does have some of the best looking models … you know, for white boys.

    Helix “Academy”? Oh, c’mon. I KNOW there’s always some super cute Asian and Latin boys [at least some hot mixes] in these private schools. I know because I attended one and we certainly had a fair number of very cute looking and bodied Latins [that I was lucky enough to “learn” from]. Sadly, being in Texas, there were no Asians during my time at this school. I had to learn about them after I was 19, but boy did I make up for lost time and “supplies.”

  6. The colors of the bedding and wall look very much like the “studio area” of a few Columbian porn shoots that I’ve seen. And he does look similar to a cute Columbian — in certain ways.

      1. Yes, thank you. I spelled it as it sounded to me without looking it up. My bad.

  7. Yeah, this is the adorable Ashton, who seemed insatiable during his Helix years. The last I saw of him (c. 2014) he was doing cam shows, still
    rail thin but beginning to lose his hair.

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