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  1. Very nice. Thank you. Makes this Friday evening a little bit better. :-)

    His expressions make him look a tiny bit like River Phoenix, who was pretty damn hot himself, especially in My Own Private Idaho [the campfire scene with Keanu Reeves].

    1. As I look at a somewhat younger man with a shaved head, I sometimes ask myself, can we just have a little hair covering that very unattractive skull?

    2. Hear, Hear!

      I find it just a bit too paedo getting excited over hairless boiz.

      I tend to agree with Horse too, these are not good pix. Usually TBW can be relied on for quality. Recently they have started employing too many muzzies and so the curse of the ugly scarred penus is creeping in there too.

      1. I don’t think the hairless craze is there to excite those of us who like the littler ones….. And anyway I agree that we need some pubic hair on these porn models.

        1. Right. For me its the sexiness of seeing the veins the dimple where the cock pulls down from the abs, the slight wrinkle where the scrotum hangs above the cock. That’s all very sexy to me whether the model is 18 or 50.

      2. “I find it just a bit too paedo getting excited over hairless boiz.”

        And I find it just a bit too skeletal getting excited over hairless heads.

  2. Cute kid, but lousy photos. If shutterbugs would just snap pics and stop puffing themselves up trying to be arteeests we’d have happier, sexier pics to fap over.

  3. this site (tbw) has no new content since about 2months now, it’s worthless to join in…
    lousy advertising with an average model from there…

  4. The “hairless craze” is throughout the world for many reasons: religion, sports, looks, maintenance and others. It’s not just the gays — straights do it just as much. Most porn today have their models shave at least to a degree — and for gays/straights who do anal sex, it’s “cleaner looking” as well as better for the camera — angles and lighting.

    I’d say that within societies who shave, it could well be around 60% of both males and females — even including the teens who traditionally, “can’t wait” to see their hair grow out — then for whatever reasons above, shave it extremely close or completely clean.

    I find it curious that those that “complain” about pubic shaving, don’t care at all with the strange styles today of head shaving — especially the sides and leave a stupid looking “tuft/bun” on top (and I’ve seen females do very similar as well).

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