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  1. He’s oh so very cute, big, mouthwatering package, and obviously versatile. Everybody’s dream lover.

  2. Shame… once again that is a post I cannot see! It doesn’t load… who can explain me why and how to remedy? Lot of thanks for your help!

      1. thank you captain ! that perfectly works! may be my question was surprising and basic but nice to you to give me a hand!

  3. So short … to tease us. :-)

    And to think, … just 2 posts back, I was the one called “dirty” for something that didn’t show anything near this. Who knew?

    As I keep pointing out, the immaturity of some posters in here is incredible when they post the “opposite” to pretend they are “intelligent.”

    1. No, you were called “dirty” for imagining something that wasn’t there, a satchel full of sex toys/supplies. You’re dirty because you like to immaturely project stories onto photos that frame these brave, sexual, free men and boys into some fuck toy for your (or other’s) pleasure. Can a guy be cute in his undies without you assuming his wearing of those undies are a sexual cue? You define rape culture by the way you think. Because rape culture says, “he/she was dressed like that, so they were asking for it”. I assure you, Alex isn’t asking for your gross self.

      Would it hurt so bad to keep those comments to yourself?

      Better yet, would it hurt to appreciate these guys for their expression of identity and self without trying to make a nasty pig-slut story out of it?

      You don’t get why we all think you’re a nasty pig, but trust me, its because of what comes out of your mouth and not any assumptions regarding your age or sexual desire. Older men can be fantastic lovers to younger men. Or they can be nasty, like you.

      That said, today’s nastiest comment of the day winner comes from Horselips, who says, “he is obviously versatile”. No, he is obviously jerking off for a camera and dressed in a way that expresses how he feels. What. the. fuck?

      1. BoyInBlue:
        Thank you. You just showed us the true level of your mental retardation: “Can a guy be cute in his undies without you assuming his wearing of those undies are a sexual cue?” Sexual cue? You mean, the fucking purpose of this photograph by the photographer?

        “Would it hurt so bad to keep those comments to yourself?”
        You mean, just like “mistalis” did … which you don’t seem to mind at all, you fucking hypocrite.

        My very simple post was just “tease” — just how “dirty” is that when applied to the above photograph or video clip?

        “without trying to make a nasty pig-slut story out of it?”
        Where’s the nasty pig-slut story in my post, you incredibly stupid troll? There is none, milkboy’s TROLL.

        No, the truth is simply you don’t like me, so you invent trolling crap that excites you to write in a blog like this. Otherwise, how the fuck would you KNOW why “Uncle Harry” is saying what he is … unless, of course, your the same fucking troll who’s using different names and locations.

        You’re a fucking hypocrite in everything you write and are just trying to redirect your ignorance onto someone like me who has a reputation of getting some of you to think a bit more. And, yes, to encourage some of you to post some comments about what milkboys has posted for that very reason which even he would tell you but you’re too fucking stupid and full of yourself to understand. And to further show your stupidity, you post this in a thread with a clip of masturbation and ejaculation.

        And you think YOU are going to stop me from posting, you ignorant troll? Think again.

      2. BoyInBlue – I said he was versatile because of the big black dildo in his ass. Yes, I was presuming that he could “top” as well, like most kids his age.

        1. Please, dear Friends, no more flaming! This is such a wonderful website and I always enjoy coming here. If you guys need to get a one on one, duke it out somewhere else, ok?

          Besides, how could any sane person, who appreciates the male form, youth and young adults in general, think nasty thoughts, when you behold such a beautiful, life afirming sight? It is beyond me!

  4. OK, seriously, I’m still curious as to the TRUE biological “how” (or “why”?) some males can shoot their semen up to 3-4 feet (possibly further) and others just dribble it out. Curious minds really want to know.

    1. Some can produce a quarter of cup — I’ve seen this — while others produce a flow thicker than heavy cream. But a 5-foot arch is really incredibly exciting (I’ve only seen that on film) though of no practical use. I’ve had to laugh after every orgasm I’ve ever had as an adult: that little eruption produced by that earth-shaking buildup. Mother Nature can be a bitch. But at least she gave me a decent grower, which has come as a pleasant surprise to many a one-night stand.

    2. Back in the (teenage) day, ejaculating as far as 3 or 4 feet was nothing special, I did it, my buddies did it. Our sperm was projected in long ropes, very thick and very sticky. In the shower, it would just coagulate and clump, would not mix with water, and defied draining. I fondly remembering jerking off with a friend in my car at a drive-in theater – he hit the headliner of my beloved first car, a 1963 Dodge 330 station wagon. Fortunately it was vinyl and an easy clean-up. (What a car – 318 V8 engine, push button automatic transmission, A/C, power everything – thanks Dad! Oh, and with the back seat folded … whew. Good times)

      Sperm is an acquired taste, with me it became a beloved addiction. (I’ve swallowed a lot of it.) And in recent years, I’ve noticed it isn’t the same as it was. Thinner, and much less of it is now the rule; dribbling, oozing or sprinkling is encountered more than forceful streams. Some scientists have reported, especially with Millennials, a recent sharp and inexplicable decline in male potency and my taste buds corroborate their findings. Google it.

      1. Except that doesn’t begin to explain my question: HOW one can shoot so far while another can just barely leak it out.

          1. That’s a “great biological/scientific” reply [/s] …. just like your responses about “god” and religion.”

        1. The answer lies in the musculature of the pelvic floor. If the muscles are chronically tense from inflammation, then the seminal vesicle will not shoot the semen out very far. The affected muscles can be massaged directly, or there are a couple of muscle relaxers (Swedish rye pollen extract, for instance) which help. But yes, more inflammation in people’s GI tracts now than in decades past… same reasons we are all getting cancer and Alzheimers.

  5. Great Cute video.
    I agree, no more abusive and moralising comments.
    It is what it is, enjoy or go someplace else.

  6. Now he looks good he’s cute he has a nice penis, he was ejaculating sperm coming out that is awesome I love that it’s all good that’s how I know.

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