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  1. Scotty Clarke is a really pretty boi just a shame he’s had the amerikan mutilation inflicted on him!

  2. “just a shame he’s had the amerikan mutilation inflicted on him!”

    Hey, dumb ass …. thousands of Britons had it done to them as well. Stop being a total asshole about America. If you deny this, you’re a fucking LIAR.

  3. “I am a child of the [email protected] and I like bush ! I don’t mind a trimmed pubis but shaved turns me off completely, ”

    So, why aren’t you saying that he (above) has another “American mutilation” because his pubes appear to be pretty much fully shaved?

    Hmmm…. answer?

  4. Comparing your OWN dicision to trim your pubes is not comparible to being cut without having your OWN dicsion = ergo this is called disfigurement of a very sensitive part of the body.
    No child should ever suffer like that, or do you really say: “Oh, I’m so happy a damn doctor gave me a circumcision [without a logical reason and with an outmoded point of view of the world]” … If so, that ypur just a poor mind… :-///
    Stop being so stuborn, enter the new millennium and think what you write! Education is sexy and being able to use your brain even makes you more sexy ;-)))) *LOL*

    Maybe have a look here (and at further sources):

  5. Well, America is not the greates example for being reflective to what they do to their children, right? ^^ So if you cut [ = circumcise – mostly without a specious medical reason] children at an age where they are not able defend themselves, it’s a realy cruel and outdated way of showing “Oh, we are so different and want to create a society with all cut penises” – despite the fact that so many circumcisions go wring so insanly bad [either in esthetic or bio functional functional terms]…
    Please just grow up and use your brain… :-//

  6. pmsl, Oh htaerbsinep, you are so deliciously easy !

    Circumcision became temporarily fashionable in the early 20th century, it showed your parents could afford a hospital birth, nowadaze you are right, thousands of British men have it done but out of a population of approx 30M native males that is a very small percentage.

    The first Willy I ever fellated was cut but I wouldn’t have cared if it was covered in gangrenous sores then, today I am a lot more choosy. He would have been butchered in the 1960’s and his shaft had a noticeable bend in it caused by the circumcision healing incorrectly and pulling his cock out of shape,

    The sex industry is responsible for the fashion of shaving the pubis. I used to live with a boi who tried his hand at stripping and he was far from under-endowed but was still encouraged to shave to make his cock appear bigger. I don’t bother with Josh’s sponsors because you see stunningly pretty boiz like Scotty and then they strip to hideously baggy underwear and then reveal an ugly badly cut cock topped off with shaving rash around their groins.

    Lucas is absolutely correct, the out dated fashion for mutilating your children is wrong on so many levels but the most important one is the deaths it causes every year, let alone the imperfect, damaged organs that never function properly.

    As to your pathetic imprecation for me to stop castigating amerika, a much wiser man than you once remarked that patriotism was the last refuge of a scoundrel.

  7. “Scotty Clarke is a really pretty boi just a shame he’s had the amerikan mutilation inflicted on him!”
    @kinkynik: Circumcision was by no means a strictly American phenomenon, and in fact was practiced rather widely in the past in many countries, including Europe and Canada. Most of us understand the reasons why it was done, and are aware such measures are for the most part now unnecessary. For your education, here’s a link to countries showing the percentages of circumcision:

    EDIT: Hey, I moved back to Canada! :)

  8. You don’t support circumcision and think yourself better for it. Cool. Don’t get your kids cut and move along.

    You do support circumcision and think it the right move and feel it’s better off that way. Cool. Get your kids cut and move along.

    Worry about you and your own and stop sticking your nose in everyone’s personal and family affairs. Whether or not little Jimmy next door gets his willy snipped is of no concern; nor decision, of yours.

    Really getting tired of the circumcision debate BS, the horse has been beaten to a fine dust, can we move along now?

    OT: Really good looking guy and in good shape. Love it.

  9. Oddly I think of the discussion of circumcision is something like talking about second hand smoke. Raising the issue to create no-circ pier-pressure is our business. Because it may be a local social norm parents should know by choosing circumcision they are permanently changing their natural son. ‘Just doing it’ because every one does is not a good reason to keep this practice going as it seems in the anglo US (I am a cut white guy).

    Most of the folks posting on Milkboys are not soon to be new parents, so yah it gets old. But, please use your expertise in male sexuality to advise sisters and female friends.

    Enjoy BFs as they come.

  10. Horselips is 100% anatomically correct, with all OEM equipment intact. Thanks Mom & Dad! What you are … is OK with me! As a bona fide, blue ribbon, world-class cum guzzling cocksucker, come tickle my tonsils!

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