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  1. Fap Friday

    You’re not showing enough to “fap” to.

    I just saw this:

    fap: A noise Justin Bieber can’t make.

  2. One of the most arousing things to have is pubic hair, so I hate it when guys shave it off or hardly have any, as does this pic..

  3. And a LOT of others find very well trimmed or even fully shaved pubic areas (particularly anal) to be extremely arousing.

    Before you pull the “young boy” [hatred] talk,take note:

    LOTS of girls/women prefer what I just said for their boyfriends/hubbies, etc. They prefer it when doing oral sex and knowing that their partner (at least) shows his cleanliness. And they prefer to look at “manscaped” genitals and anal areas as well. And on the flip side, LOTS of guys prefer their female partners shaved or trimmed very close as well.

  4. I like extremes on my boys. Either the pubes are completely shaved or there is just ‘five o’clock shadow’, or the bush is so long and thick his cock and my nose get lost in it.

  5. Oh Yea, so why stop at the pubes, lets shave his head, arm pits, arms, legs, chest, and eye brows. PS: and lets not forget his tongue while we’re at it. Many of you forget why the musical HAIR was so popular. We are mammals and mammals cum with hair, YES,,,I SAID CUM. So,,cum on, agree with me.

  6. Hey Kinkynik – thanks for the link. Is he Czech? There was a young lad who I met maybe 11 years ago (named Lukas, who looked a lot like a younger version of this)… Grabbed me at a dance club and took me into the back room………………… and I never got his contact details. He had very (very) skinny arms, was about 5’5″, with spiky blond hair, was small enough I could pick him up, and was VERY horny (and very cuddly). I left without having gotten his contact info and to this day I have wondered what ever happened to him.

  7. I don’t know, as you can see he has worked for a lot of the major Art Houses and they are all based in Eastern Europe, all I can say is, ” You lucky, lucky, bastard.”

  8. I feel you on the hair thing, but I also really hate pubic hair for more practical reasons (getting in my mouth during oral, or getting tangled trying to jerk them off etc). But I do like the way completely shaven looks. My boyfriend always treats me to a complete shave sometimes

  9. You know he is really cute, he is naked under those sheets, I would love to be under it with him, I would be naked two, you know where my hand would be at, I would he doing you know what you know it would taste really good, you know his penis I would be you know what, reading between line, I would be sucking his

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