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  1. The Milkboys community has sort of grown up with Milo. We saw him when he was just a wonderfully shy adolescent boy-next-door, never showing anything but his hypnotically smooth, effeminate body and adorable face. Those were his SFW days, yet I would believe most of us were happily jerking off over him. Then he graduated to hard core cock pix, and finally his descent into full-blown kink and making porn videos. My kind of guy…

    I think he’s most boys’ ideal bottom. Another young Brent Corrigan, only much more lady-like. He’s completely at ease being fucked – not even a hint of discomfort. He appears happy and eager to take it as long you can give it, so go ahead, top away. All that’s left is for Milo to make videos where he’s swallowing sperm, being double penetrated, or fisted.

    But Milo, be careful. I checked out your website and saw all your butt pics – the later ones concern me. The telltale signs of hard pounding are beginning to show. Please use much more lube so you keep your anus soft and smooth and don’t end up with a gross ‘rosebud’ of bumpy nodules around your beautiful and mouthwatering boi-pussy. We love you.

    1. Where is there more info on Milo, any other links/pics….this pic looks very nice.

  2. Milo has been my favorite for years. I like that pic, but I would like to think of him as the young (almost) innocent.

    1. “Christian Humanist”

      Sorry, but I have to bring this up — those two words [as a “name”] are totally antithetical to each other.

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