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  1. Open up the blinds completely and allow anyone to watch — they’re outside, waiting for you.

  2. A bit of trivia:

    re: Love, Simon
    For those who have seen this movie, you’ll be familiar with the cute (albeit 22 years old when doing this film) Nick Robinson. I just learned — from Googling around and watching some videos, which some of you have probably seen as well — that his very cute younger brother really is gay. Look for some older videos/pics of him ‘promoting’ this movie earlier this year and you can see his brother a couple of times.

    Also, the one that plays “Blu/Bram” in this movie also came out (he says more bisexual than outright gay, but, he’s vague about it).

    Just something I thought you might be interested in ….. now, back to cute nude guys.

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