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    1. I visited the site. It’s all real. The boy knows where to put his hand to the girl and I would like to be his girlfriend

  1. I think even girls would be afraid of that.

    Wonder if he wears pants that “highlight” what’s inside?

    I know it’s a crazy thought, but even his family would wonder what he has there (and why – genetically) — unless ALL the men in the family are of similar size.

  2. Better download what you can now before the post-net neutrality laws kick in and your ISP throttles back before you can finish even one image of it.

    He IS good looking, though.

  3. Yer, the only appropriate response to being surprised by one like that is: “you’re bottoming”

    Unless you’re one of those sluts that can sit on a traffic cone and ask if it’s in yet….

  4. Sorry, but i just don’t find it attractive at all. It’s almost obscene but I’m sure it excites many

  5. You think his is LARGE? Then you haven’t seen any of the African tribes that “need”/use large sheaths to cover their penises (or at least the “ends” of them) and these reach up to their shoulders.

    Yes, they’re Africans, but throughout Europe/East Europe/Upper Asia you can find many that are either just as large as above or very nearly so (and they’ve discovered the Internet and enjoy posting their ‘selfies’).

    I’m no size ‘queen’ by any stretch of it, but I do find it amazing in of itself — the biology and genetics for some males to be so endowed — and I think they show their endowment from birth — so I assume their parents will know of their personal attributes.

    The same can be said of females who have [abnormally? — not sure] large clitorises.

  6. The issue of size in childhood is interesting. My sister has twin boys, and at one point in my life I was living with here and babysitting quite often. One of the boys was quite noticeably larger than the other, which was interesting simply because they were twins, but also made you wonder if that size difference was indicative of his future. That was many years ago, so I’ve no idea what the outcome was, but it was topic of conversation when they were younger, but again most because of the significant difference between twins.

    1. “but again most[ly] because of the significant difference between twins.”

      Probably because they were ‘fraternal twins’ — non-identical with necessarily different genetic codes between them.

  7. Some years ago I met a guy who was even a little larger than the guy here. He was 22 and weighed about 135. We went to dinner and a movie then ended up back at my place. When he got undressed I was take back by his size. In the course of the evening we had quite a discussion about his size. He really wanted to top, but he had discovered few guys could take him. He really liked anal but because of his size he usually had to be the bottom. He and I remained friends and so I am glad to say that in time he did meet someone who could take him and so he had his sexual satisfaction.

          1. Nikon D60? You’re catching ALL the details, aren’t you? :-)

            I had a D80 several years back. Good camera — it was my “stalwart” camera for my eBay listings for sales.

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