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  1. Beautiful technique and quality. Just not wild about the “subject.” And trying to be “sexless”?

    1. Don’t know what you mean about ‘trying to be sexless’. Looks very much all boy to me.

  2. A wee smile from me seeing this one.
    When I was 19 I had a very large poster on my bedroom wall of a hugely cute woodland boy drawn in the same style. I loved it. Could stare and daydream for hours looking at it.
    Those days I was immersed in the usual family garbage of looking towards marriage. I had a great girlfriend who, for obvious reasons, I let down terribly. Sigh….
    With all the internal conflict I’m surprised I didn’t become a mass murderer.

    Of course it’s all change now and life is more than damn good.
    Thank you Scotland.. :)

    But still, that woodland boy was something else…

  3. I’m expecting Larry Hagman to come along and ask Genie for a wish?

    Upi what do you mean “thank you Scotland?” Are you american living in Scotland, or more likely going by your flag, a Scotsman living in America.

    1. “I’m expecting Larry Hagman to come along and ask Genie for a wish?”

      Very good!! I’m surprised you knew of that much American pop-culture — that show was so many years ago. Thank you.

  4. Penboy. I watched it on satellite TV last week. There’s a channel that does all the old stuff. I dream of Genie, Bewitched, Beverly Hill Billies, Mr Ed, The Munsters, The Adams Family, The Phil Silvers Show, Casey Jones, The Dukes ofcHazard, Little House in the Prairie, The Waltons, The Jetsons tc. Some of these were filmed 30 odd years before I was born. Today’s TV is utter crap .

  5. And it sure beats the hell out of today’s TV,, both over here and Stateside. Only a mental retard would watch the Khardasians. Talking of mental retards Trump has just signed a bill into law making it easier for looney tunes and psychos to get a gun licence. After what happened in the last few days? I can understand the desperate and the easily fooled voting for him last November 2016 but anyone who votes for him after that is s fucking inbred hillbillie moron, who probably lost their virginity to their little sister, little brother of farmyard animal.

    1. “Trump has just signed a bill into law”

      That was in Feb 2017, undoing earlier hard-won Obama legislation but yeah, what a grade-A knuckle-dragging moron.
      The White House is also now refusing to release pictures of that particular signing.

      Surprising absolutely no-one, the Orange Toddler isn’t averse to victim-blaming, either.
      His tweet of Feb 15:
      “So many signs that the Florida shooter was mentally disturbed, even expelled from school for bad and erratic behavior. Neighbors and classmates knew he was a big problem. Must always report such instances to authorities, again and again!”

      Oh dear, if only the victims weren’t so slow in reporting…
      Still, ‘thoughts and prayers’ eh? That’ll fit it.

      Deflect and distort. It’s definitely not a gun control problem, no siree – even though this (the 18th school shooting THIS YEAR) and the other everyday shoot-outs happen nowhere else on earth.

  6. “thoughts and prayers”

    That’s easily one of the most sickening phrases in the English language — including the absolute stupidity of those uttering it.

    1. Penboy, what about, “Lessons will be learned”, probably the most overused phrase in history, always used by politicians, and guess what? lessons are never learned. Ah well, back to bed again, and note to self, lay of the coffee and the water after 7pm. If I’m not awake half the night, then I’m usually getting up for a piss.

      1. “‘Lessons will be learned’, probably the most overused phrase in history, always used by politicians, and guess what? lessons are never learned.”

        So very true. But, at least on the surface, it makes a bit more sense … as long as the issuer isn’t obviously hypocritical.


        “lay of the coffee and the water after 7pm.”

        “Lessons learned.” Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    2. Isn’t it just?
      Made all the more meaningless by the millions of (ahem) ‘campaign fund’ dollars accepted from the NRA.

      “Lessons will be learned”.
      Damn yes, another all-purpose platitude wheeled out by the incompetent.

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