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  1. The link yields ===> HARVEST MOON: A Return to the Simple Life author damphyr artist neosorcerer Harvest Moon [1996] … “Harvest Moon” is known in Japan as Bokujō Monogatari. … … [artist not not of a know] … …
    — The first react this person does have to this picture is that this is about a farm animal versus a farm boy as a farm love story. Natch does this perv so automatically think 😚❤🐺.
    — Do read of a total of 150 at the last count of boys hanging by the neck, in early America, for their sin of fornicate with the domestic farm animals. The possible girl fornicates have no tales. Either one love is more obvious than the other, or, the other is in hiding, or, a not at all, and, as far as this can tell, not a knowable. . . nnn likeeee o no, some GET IT HOT !

  2. If that is 100% ‘art’ and not a photograph [for even the base], then he/she is one damn good artist/drawer. Pure respect for those who can do 3-D artwork like this literally, from “scratch.”

    But, since the artist is unknown, then ………

  3. The artist is not unknown. Look it up the five separate places do search for this ‘artist;. .
    — Fucking animals shows them who is the boss. Fucking little boys shows them who they go to war for. A man who makes a boy’s hard on a good thing gets a one who is a follower if there is nothing else. Until there is something else, The one who confidences the other one’s confidence gets confidence. No guarantee.

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