Facebook bans talking about sexuality. Yes, talking.

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If you thought Tumblr banning pictures and videos containing nudity was dumb, wait till you hear what Facebook just announced: They’re banning talking about your sexual preferences and activities on their site. Yup. The biggest social network in the world wants you to stop talking about sex because, you know, that’s dirty.

Their new content policy makes things like saying you’re a ‘top’ or a ‘bottom’ off-limits, in a move the social media behemoth says will combat content that “facilitates, encourages or coordinates sexual encounters between adults” and bars “sexually explicit language that may lead to solicitation.”

“Sex positions,” “sexual preference” and any number of other sexy umbrellas pertaining to “sexual hints” are all means for moderator intervention now. Another common phrase you see a lot — “send nudes” — is a no-no, whether its meant as a joke or an actual request. The new rules ban “offering or asking for nude images.”

This new wave of Puritanism with companies demonising anything that is even remotely related to sex hits queer people the hardest because queer themes are regraded “adult” topics by default on many U.S. sites.

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  1. Doesn’t bother me in the least…. I stopped visiting Facebook a year and a half ago when I got tired of losing respect for people I know IRL cause of the idiotic things they post. An odd thing happened after I stopped looking at it…I found I had a lot less stress in my life.

  2. That is rich considering Facebook asks people their sexual partner preference for their profile info.

  3. Used Facebook for perhaps 18 months.
    Eventually had viewpoint ‘this is nonsense shit’

    No more Facebook – ages since…

    None of this is important – except for market investors.

    People only have to hit the delete account button.
    Usually communicated as ‘get a life’.
    Anyway, people are shockingly stupid over the most minor things and so I don’t give a f*ck.

    I could remark nothing much good comes out from the USA – McDonalds, Starbucks, Facebook, Trump, Republicans, Religious fundamentalists .. and forever on…
    But that’s just mean … most of us are free and we all have a choice. If your life is a bit swampy, happiness out the window, look first at what you’ve made yourself into before bemoaning the possible loss of a pile of shit that’s Facebook.

    Basic stuff here… Facebook will soon change back if consumers walk off – and if consumers don’t then do you want to remain and be a confirmed Facebook zombie with jelly beans for brains?

  4. Not a Facebook customer either, but it’s not all bad: audio anal activities or dead sex performances are still allowed by the new rules… ;)

    I think people should read these guidelines carefully, because it’s not mentioning that you are a top or a bottom that’s against the rules, it’s implicitly soliciting sex AND saying that you are a top or a bottom in the same conversation.
    You can also still say that you are horny, just not “my precum is leaking all over the place.”

    By the way, the new Facebook rules are not what the layout in the tweet screenshot make them appear to be. Better read the real rules:

  5. ROFLMAO. Politically, Mark Zuckerberg, his co-founders and executives are all far-left loons, and this policy must surely be one of liberalism’s (and feminism’s) finest hours. Now that Craigslist has chickened out of its personals ads, and you need a consent form in triplicate, co-signed, witnessed, and notarized to get laid on any college campus, and the #MeToo! movement makes everyone’s co-workers off-limits to each other, all of society can now proudly proclaim that sexual social justice has been achieved – finally the “involuntarily celibate” – those notorious “incels” – are now welcomed and included. But, but, BUTT, what about all those Chads and Stacys out there who want to get it on?

    What an opportunity this is! Forget Facebook (and all the rest of politically correct social media) – it’s time for some enterprising capitalist shark, whose glands are still squirting, to start a new social media monster called CrotchBook! No terms of service, no community standards, just people being people. The ladies can post pics of their melons and tacos, the gents of their frank and beans. People can meet up and do it like they do on the Discovery channel.

    Unbeknownst to those on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media sites, those folks you’re communicating with are not on some planet in a galaxy far, far away, they’re right here on earth! And you don’t have to talk to them over an LED infotainment screen, you can actually meet them in real life! And if things go well, you can even fuck each other. What an idea. People meeting and fucking. Glad I thought of it.

    1. “ROFLMAO. Politically, Mark Zuckerberg, his co-founders and executives are all far-left loons, and this policy must surely be one of liberalism’s (and feminism’s) finest hours.”

      You have no fucking idea what “left” and “liberalism” TRULY IS, and you’re “ROFLMAO”?

      1. The secret is not to confuse the denotation of liberalism with the connotation in general use today.

  6. If FB becomes so controlling that people walk then this move will be another nail in their coffin. I guess they are under pressure with all the non sensorship vs neo liberals and being seen as responsible to avoid being broken up.
    I would imagine has reach its peak and will decline as young people use other social media.

  7. Horselips, you wanna buy me a ticket to New Zealand so I can meet some of my facebook friends their? You ignorant fucking moron who sits in his parents basement. No one here believes anything you say about owning a business or having a family or kids.

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