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  1. 😘Seems as if he’s really a boy this time so I love him! Josh be tricky some times!

  2. Boy or Girl …. certainly attractive….. lucky them :)

    I think no girl would wear an Antinous badge… Surprised any teen would be aware of Antinous anyway.
    Anyway… gotta be a boy.

    1. Maybe it’s HIS way of “coming out”? I’m sure some schools in Russia teach history — maybe even art history / sculpture.

      1. LOL
        Got it……

        I’d hardly say being old. Antinous (cult, religion and symbolic) has existed strongly for 2,000 years and still exists. Vapourwave likely to be oh so brief and ethereal evaporatorwave.

        My Dad was a permanent listener to Radio 4. (BBC). Supposedly a steady diet of Classical music… but this was during the 1960s and 70s when there was such a thing as ’20th Century Classic’.
        20th Century Classic focussed on an idea that any kind of noise was actually music. Oh Boy !

        Anyway, I can recall horrific afternoons being subjected to endless discordant cacophony. I couldn’t understand anything. A major ‘what the f*ck’ moment at age 13.

        Guess what — 20th Century Classic doesn’t exist anymore. A pig is a pig no matter how much bullshit is attached telling you it’s golden and thats a life lesson.

        So, I’ll hang on to my understanding of ‘Antinous’ and I’ll maybe but not likely come across ‘Vapourwave’ ever again.

        Meanwhile, you haven’t explained why Vapourwave chooses to use Antinous as a representative symbol. That might be interesting.

        1. there is no real explanation. vaporwave is a music genre but its also an aesthetic movement, combining some of the defining features of the 80s and early 90s, such as neon lights, palm trees, early PCs, japanese symbols and the general aesthetic choices of a generation slowly transitioning from an analog to digital existence. as for the classical antiquity elements, they can also be sourced back to the 80s when every expensive mansion in miami was littered with busts and greek columns as a signifier of class and culture.

          vaporwave is a nostalgic but also a critical reference to a time when the western civilisation naively believed neoliberal capitalism and unbridled consumerism will soon create a futuristic utopia for everyone.
          most vaporwave artists were kids in the 80s/90s and vaporwave is also a way to reconnect with their childhoods. as it is for me, born in 1986. vaporwave is one of the few things that bring back that childhood feeling to me.

          more here:

          so when you see a teenager these days wearing a badge or a tshirt with an image of a greek/roman statue, they are basically saying “i like vaporwave”.

  3. I like this hairstyle. Has been popular for a year or two now, though most boys who has it are younger than him.

    1. 😜Least he’s got some hair around the ear and on the bottom, can’t stand those shaved bald ones that look like they’re still in the 1930’s or the Marines!
      😘Plus he’s cute and can pull it off!

  4. Thanks for the link to his Instagram. Many beautiful images of this beautiful boy.

    Like most such beauties he’s aware of his good luck/looks… hard not to be when people ogle you all day. But he seems to have a joyful spirit.

  5. This one has a hair style to allure you many to their self. They vary the make of it to make the self a more the allure. There has got to be they as amore than. Such will cut and play with it to play with the self and with others for allure. And the pay.
    — If you like vaporwave ‘music’, then, go and like it. The discordant music of modern time is a way to get away from J S Bach Well Tempering. Such discordant thinging is a re-making of the music of a the cave. Not exactly any way even close to a some thing new. OH. A newer version of the raw ? ha ha ha ha ha .

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