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  1. I so hope Ronan stays “in the business”, and keeps releasing albums. I can think of at least a dozen songs I’d love him to record, starting with “Different Drum”. I’ve always loved Linda Ronstadt’s original recording, but I think Ronan would “kill” it too!

    1. “I’d love him to record, starting with Different Drum.”

      You could be right, but I don’t know. If he stays TRUE to the lyrics, possibly …. but Linda Ronstadt [Stone Pony] did it with a LOT of ‘nuance’ —- very few (if THAT many) recent artists possess the nuances necessary to ‘cover’ the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s classic songs from what I’ve heard on playlists in Starbucks and the radio.

        1. Lol. I would also laugh out loud if it said sexusl orientation gay top. Lol. I think he’s be pushing it at versatile. I remember within hours of his audition someone wrote ob YouTube. “By the age of 14, his ringpeoce would turn into a busted catflap”. I bet you he’s had lots of men and boys having their bollocks milked by his tight ringpiece?

  2. wow. Do always think of RONAN PARKE as a sex object. Do love him any way he allows not. Do love him. Others might hate this being which says such. Do love RONAN PARKE.

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