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    1. 😜I always use the Peter Pan Philosophy: they stay just like that forever, they’ll never grow up.

      He’s adorable there and that’s the way he shall remain… That’s the wonder of photos.

  1. Lovely young gentleman with a full set of bedroom eyes. We have had several models giving us the languorous, come hither look. Just for a change might we have a couple of candidates laughing or smiling? I always enjoy a laughing partner as long as he isn’t laughing at my little friend.

  2. Pretty face. Deep-set eyes to cause shadows from the brows. (I hope it’s just shadows and not the result of some drug taking or bad diet).

    And those eye colors — blue-hazel or a very DEEP blue?

    Lovely lips flowing into a subtle, but attractive chin.

    Would enjoy seeing other photos of him — with front lighting.

    1. Yes, he does look a tiny bit like Brad Renfro. Too bad he went the drug route. He had such great potential as an actor — his first few films were mesmerizing, to say the least (I’m thinking right now, Apt Pupil.).

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