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  1. Very nice and cute at his age right now (or then, whenever that photo was taken).

    He could and does look like any random young teen in America as well (we do have a lot of English roots, you know), particularly in our Mid-Western states.

    He also looks (typically) just like one that might be picked for some TV show or movie as well.

      1. @Lord Penboy
        “See my retraction and a much better link than what devilena provided.”

        ❦Bob said:
        “I think he looks like a 14-year-old Liam Payne.”
        ☞My response to Bob:
        Liam James Payne: ‘One Direction’

        I had already confirmed it right down to the mole on his sweet neck!
        My link was provided only for humor not to match the pic.

        Happy Valentines Day To All ♡!
        (even you PB!)

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