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  1. Another reason why East Asians not only make the best transgenders, but also shows why they did so many stage productions of males playing females in Japan throughout their history. With their incredibly beautiful skin and small/smooth larynxes barely showing, they can look literally flawless as the other gender.

  2. “FEMALES” must exist before “MALES” can copy and play as such … Unless “MALES” create the “FEMALES” in the first place … OR … “FEMALES” must create the “FEMALE” so the “MALES” can copy the “FEMALE” such “FEMLES” create. . . .
    — “GENDER” as a reality ?
    — GENDER, obviously, as shed here, is not a BIRTH differential. It is a social differential. DICKS cannot PLAY as NO DICKS unless there are NO DICKS to copy. Except for crop and chop.
    — The “GO and have a BABY” argument is absurd, such as many do so argue against trans- sexuals and trans- genders. It is not BIOLOGIC but CHOICE.
    — NO ONE is born a GENDER. We who witness the birth and have to deal with the thing, the baby, and its growth, and have to name everything, and we make names, OH, do we make names. Including its death. As of its life, we all name its teeth, its suckings, its screamings. . . . . and its body parts. And name its actions.
    — Eventually, there is a differential between certains who MIGHT get pregnant with another of those expels we call [name] ______ .
    — Some _____ end up homos, faggots, queers, or freaks. Some end up acting as if of those who, of many but not all, do actually give birth the ______ .
    — HA HA HA

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