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  1. That makes me laugh1 Not at him but at the people who always display blacks as ether crying, broke down emotionally, or dressed in drag, or eating alot,,,in almost any media exposed to the public. This is very typical white man’s propaganda. BTW I am not even black.

  2. TearLESS, he’s not that bad looking.

    Why did you post this pic with the tears? Just to get sympathy for ….. blacks in general or this one particular black man? Without context, I offer no sympathy and certainly no “empathy”. Every boy and man cries sometime during their lives …. either for getting sympathy or “outside” and “inside” pain or just sorrow.

    1. holy shit guys, it’s a photo of a model. can’t you just appreciate it for what it is instead of trying to allege an agenda everywhere?

      1. “Oh my God, two guys kissing! It’s a gay agenda! It’s propaganda!” I agree, Josh could have chosen a better image of him. The second image of him on VFILES would have been my pick. But he’s still a very beautiful guy.

      2. “holy shit guys, it’s a photo of a model.”

        Yes it is …. and any photo of a model should “stand alone” in its/(model’s) image to “tell a complete story”.

        This one doesn’t …. it doesn’t make any difference if he’s black or any other color model. But, because he’s black ….. why the tears (without looking at the model’s page)? It doesn’t tell a “complete story”.

        My question is in response to the obvious reasoning he modeled and “produced” tears — either for himself or the photographer. The photo suggests “an agenda” …. so I ask, ‘what is it’?

        By some of the comments, I’d say that “political correctness” is running amok (in here and everywhere else). There’s nothing wrong in questioning the motive(s) of people in general whether they are models or photographers.

    2. Wow, it’s almost as if black people are murdered and degraded every day simply for their skin color.

      1. @Zachy:
        “Wow, it’s almost as if atheistic people are murdered and degraded every day in the islamic states simply simply because they refuse to believe the islamic bullshit.”

        So, … What’s your point?

    3. I would dearly love to hold this beautiful black man in my welcoming arms and kiss away his tears. He needs to feel loved.

  3. No one seems to have noticed that there appears “tears” are flowing from one eye only and with that amount of flow of “tears”, his nostrils are still dry — there’s no way that one would “cry” that amount and not at least start to have a runny nose.

    Ergo: The “tears” are staged (photoshopped?). Therefore, this photo represents some type of “political/psychological” purpose (“agenda”).

    1. Plus, that stream of “tears” appears to be too “thick” for real tears …. it looks more like something used for tears, such as glycerin which is a type of “syrup” to stay on the face for extended photos/video shots.

        1. Why did this artistic wirk provoke such a ridiculous response from you then? I think your own response to this portrait nspeaks volumes about your own insecurities and narcissistic world view, than the agenda that you seek to ascribe to the artist.

          Why does the ambiguity in this portrait bother you so much? Couldn’t there be more than one interpretation? The revealing of suspicions such as yours could also be the intent of the artist, couldn’t it? And my original question stands.

      1. @RexISmundane:
        “Why did this artistic wirk provoke such a ridiculous response from you then?”

        What ridiculous response from your strange mind?

        I first said he was an attractive black man.

        Then, because of the photo showing “tears”, I asked what was he “crying” about/for? — himself/the model only OR the entire black race?

        What’s ridiculous about that? A good photograph shows a story — that’s what makes it “good” (as well as the composition and exposure, etc).

        Then I pointed out the fairly obvious FAKE “tears” and proof of why I said that.

        When you photograph someone “crying”, you need some context as to WHY he is “crying”, otherwise it’s some sort of “agenda” — societal or political. And I pointed that out.

        THEN YOU decide to ATTACK MY PERSONALITY which you had no business doing if you wanted to dispute my opinion of the “tears” or some “agenda”.

        Why would MY PERSONALITY have anything to do with critique of this photo?

        You ATTACKED ME PERSONALLY ….. just like a religious person attacks a non-believer ….. you can’t respond to the facts at hand properly (because they’re “not on your side”) so you instead ATTACK PERSONALITIES.

        You’re pathetic. You seriously need to learn how to dispute ideas.

  4. Don’t know why so much angst because of his race… handsome boy crying (or fake crying) who happens to be black, so what? Nice photography.

    1. @Freddy:
      “Don’t know why so much angst because of his race … who happens to be black, so what”

      Including your comment, there’s only 2 with racial “angst” ….. the others are commenting on his (apparently obvious) fake “tears”.

  5. What is this fucking shit Josh? Don’t start with the fucking shitty posts again ok

    1. “Tired now …”

      You should get some sleep.

      … when does criticism of Islam becomes islamophobia?

      And it’s really quite simple: there’s no such thing as Islamophobia. Yes, there are some Muslims that are persecuted because of their superstition, just as there are Christians being persecuted in Muslim countries, and as there’s an anti-atheist bias in public policy among almost every country. But we don’t go around yelling “Atheist-phobia” or “Christian-phobia”. It’s just bigotry and there’s no point in calling it Islamophobia. Zealotry is wrong, and using the term “Islamophobia” is to say Muslim victims are more important than Christian or Atheist or Buddhist victims. (And it goes without saying that Islam is not a race.)

  6. Their are some beautiful photos of this young man on his web page. He might well be a model but he has surely inspired us all by his sheer beauty. I love the Milkboys site so much and always look forward to seeing these wonderful photos xxx

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