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  1. He’s cultivating on his face that which grows wild on his ass. But hey, back in the day, if he was in the next booth at Caesar’s Adult Bookstore and Arcade and accepted the invitation of my finger waving through the glory hole, I’d suck his dick until his chest caved in. Yeah, he’s HOT.

  2. As a “test”, I tried to go to the milkboard, but nothing I do allows me in even as a “guest” — it used to be: [or milkboard?] and this blog doesn’t have a link to it (or I can’t find it).

    Has it been discontinued?

    1. Post
    1. “Photoshopped to fcuk !”

      If it were, why are there still some blemishes? I seriously doubt it’s been Photoshopped (as you described it).

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