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  1. 😍Thanks Josh!
    ❦Finally a super adorable boy that’s just beautiful to look at…
    He’s from ‘Sexy Zone’, (a j-pop group) much like Mexico’s Menudo way back when. Much like after Ricky Martin joined as their newest member and Americans caught wind of them too. Just a bunch of cuties gathered together to draw fans like flys. Ricky definitely caught a lot of eyes back then just like Marius and his mates are doing right now.

    1. ~Sorry about the “much like” redundancy in my comment that I missed. I could really use a 15 minute edit period due to my well known proof reading ineptitude ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶

  2. When Penboy sees this he’ll be beating his dick like it owes him money. P’boy’s into Asians.

    1. It takes more than just a face to “excite” me. And certainly better quality than what appears to no more than a phone pic.

      This is a nice face, and nice ears too. Of course I like him. :-)

      1. PB
        ~You should have just clicked the pic… It may not have been super-res but it was fairly detailed and quite nice. Also, had you checked the link I posted you would have seen some really cute gif’s of Marius being super friendly with his mates!

        1. “You should have just clicked the pic”

          I did and it’s just a larger version of the above. Because of the overall loss of contrast, it doesn’t change what I said about a phone pic — it just has enough mp’s to allow it to enlarge favorably.

          And I was just pointing out to horsey what are NOT my prerequisites for “excitement” as he seems to think of me.

          But, he’s still cute and with nice features as I said in my previous post. Nice eyes, lips, ears and hair. Just wish it was a slightly different angle to see his nose better (but I’m just quipping).

  3. I could be mistaken, however I believe Menudo hailed from Puerto Rico, not Mexico. They ran into difficulties when it was discovered that the manager was taking liberties with the young gentlemen.

    1. @George
      ~Sorry, my bad… But all the better, no wonder Ricky was such a cutie!
      I knew nothing about the abuse of the members.
      I had just assumed they aged out like members before them and then moved on. Far as when the group disbanded I thought it just lost favor with the fans but I’ve always had a soft spot for Ricky and still keep up on him today all these years later.

  4. So…. anyone care to explain why Penboy gets all these dislikes?
    I have been on this site for some time, mostly as silent observer, but I really don’t understand:/
    Is this an inside joke of sorts?

    1. _anyone care to explain why Penboy gets all these dislikes?_

      Because I pissed off some individuals with my truth and facts on religions and they think they are offended in some way. And I’ll continue to do that in the future with no letups. I’m not politically correct regarding “god” and religions.

      I recognize this site is for “teens”, but they carry their immaturity way too far — they refuse to mentally mature along with their bodies.

      Btw, watch how fast this will get down-voted and by how many mentally immature “little boys” that think only with their penises.

      1. I can’t help thinking with my penis. Half my brains are in my dick, EXACTLY where they belong.

    2. Because the penis is too smol and he angry.

      Also he has a stick up his arse, is a bloviating blowhard, has all the intellectual rigour of The Donald and because he was once blown by a Viet Cong boy thinks he’s an expert on the ways of The Orient.

      1. Need anymore proof of absolute IMMATURITY than the above? And STILL can’t spell “small.”

        Expert? Probably not even close, but I damn well know more about Asians than you do.

        Btw, were you one of the delusional that voted for BREXIT?

        1. Were I Her Majesty’s good servant and loyal Subject, I would have voted for the Brexit. And when, after a time, the rest of Europe sees that the UK is still doing just fine, expect others to ‘exit’ as well. If only to recover the right to refuse the Muslim hordes inundating the continent as we speak.
          The British Commonwealth embraces over 50 nations with between a quarter and a third of the population of the entire solar system. Britain is hardly cut off from anything, and as much as Britain sells and buys, is enough to compel the EU to offer favorable terms. Britain is simply too big to fail, or to ignore.
          E II R … C III R … W V R … G VII R … Forever

  5. Look what I unleashed.
    Still interested to know what PB’s views on religion are if they are so controversial.
    Don’t know if I regret asking or that I love it….
    Either way *grabs popcorn*

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