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  1. The site is down because he is illogical and not entirely honest. He has been offered free hosting many times but FAILS to accept it or provide a reason why it won’t work for the same people who host the board for free to host the blog…

    And he seems to have issues with money management. The amount of money from the computer campaign should easily have paid for several months, but that hasn’t happened. But now he’s asking for more donations so people can pay to see no new posts and the site down again :)

  2. Very, very attractive! I could “nitpick”, but it would only be a tiny bit. :)

    Curious to what country he’s from or his heritage? His website has a Spanish page, so I might guess Spain?

    Whichever, the ‘mix’ is excellent! Thanks for the post.

  3. JAMES – Lighten up there shithead. Josh has devoted much of his adult life to our enlightenment and entertainment. He has given us a voice in a very special and rarified atmosphere. And he’s done it all for us, including you, for free. If you don’t like the way he’s doing it, then get lost. Go find another blog to inflict your disapproval on, or better yet, genius that you are, start your own blog. I am grateful for every visit I make here, and when it’s down, I check every day, without fail, hoping to see it back up.

    If you pull your ungrateful head out of your ass, you’ll have all the room up there you’ll need to shove your criticisms.

  4. Lighten up there horsey. I’m sure for James and many more it was incredibly frustrating when this blog was down for over a month at a time (and even more) after being up for a relatively short time. It’s only natural to question when someone is asking for donations for any reason.

  5. Penboy, you may have a point, but there are ways of asking questions that don’t degenerate into accusations and a personal attack on Josh, our most munificent host, and even though very few of us have, or ever will, meet him in person, we can all call him our friend.

    I’m going to stick with Horsey on this one – I think he’s on the right track.

  6. @horselips/horsey:
    “I’m going to stick with Horsey on this one – I think he’s on the right track.”

    Are you sure you’re not just paying lip service to him?

  7. He has a most beautiful face; his eyes and lips are lovely. Thanks for these wonderful pictures of true male beauty.

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