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    1. ❦Totally agree, if only Peter Pan could be real… Ronan oh Ronan♡♡

    1. I don’t think it’s Ronan either but my legs are grey. My ears are gnarled. My eyes are old and bent.

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  1. He definitely became very handsome.

    Now, just when is he going to come out (even though most of us have known for years)? :-)

  2. Ah, the beautiful Ronan.

    You will never see him shirtless though.

    Our dear boy suffers from Pectus Excavatum or Funnel Chest.

    Josh pointed this out once a couple of years ago I think. It can be surgically corrected.

    I still love him, funnel chest and all !

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      I certainly did not comment on that because it’s none of our business. And there’s a bunch of shirtless pictures of him (the dancing one, the bathtub one etc.)

  3. ❦At the water park with his friend…Yup they’re are pics such as that but my fave memories of Ronan were when he first appeared on BGT; so shy, so sweet, and such an angelic voice. I always wished he’d made a second album during that period but it was not to be.
    Still love ya Ronan and wish you the best!

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