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It’s one thing to have a romantic moment interrupted, but it’s quite another to have it interrupted by a triple murder.

That’s exactly what happens in the first episode of the new series Eyewitness. The show follows teen boys Lukas and Philip (played by James Paxton and Tyler Young) as they deal with not only having witnessed a murder and survived, but also being unable to go to the police because one of them doesn’t want to come out as gay.

“[Lukas] doesn’t even acknowledge that being gay is a possibility. It’s his first time kissing and being intimate with a boy at all. It scares him a lot,” Paxton says. “He doesn’t realize that secrets of this magnitude can have some dangerous repercussions that affect everybody else in town.”

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  1. Looks interesting — the plot and subplot. But, unlike heterosexual “affairs,” will they stop with the gay theme and actions? They have a habit of veering off from things like this as the series goes deeper and more episodes are introduced — by changing the subplot and writing off gay ones.

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