What to do with your ex’s nudes

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ou’ve spent the last 20 minutes contorting your body into weird, hopefully flattering positions and praying that the sweat you’ve worked up translates as a seductive glow. You’re thinking about arching your back and angles, making sure nothing distracting is in the background, and what kind of facial expression says this was effortless and now you want to fuck me.

What you’re not thinking about is what the lucky receiver of your nudes is going to do with them weeks, months, years later—once the two of you are no longer a thing, sexually speaking at least.

Many people assume, or at least hope, that once they end a relationship or fling with someone, their nudes perish—meeting their fate as their exes’ fingers smash that delete button.

Unfortunately, though, your nudes gifted to lovers past are likely alive and well, forgotten and floating around someone’s iCloud at best, or remembered and retaining the potential to ruin your life publicly at worst.

By now, we’re all familiar with the cyber crime of revenge porn, which one in 25 Americans have been victims of, according to a study published by the Data & Society Research Institute. But what about nudes from former flings and relationships that don’t end up distributed online or elsewhere? Where do they go? Read on…

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  1. The article compares nudes with other gifts and the rules that apply to other gifts, but it’s really a comparison you can’t make: A nude is an intimate and non-sharable gift, unlike a box of chocolates or a book.

    I find it amazing that in this day and age, nudes and pictures or documents in general are not more systematically strongly encrypted with permission rights, copy-prevention measures, and an expiration date. Sure, it won’t prevent people from taking screenshots, but it would make regular sexting much safer, both for the sender and the recipient, say if you are teenagers (teen sexting is “child porn” in most countries.)

    By the way, Saturday was World Naked Gardening Day, does it count as nude or only the sexy pics? ;) Too rainy for me that day, I did my skin clad gardening on Wednesday…

  2. I’ve kept all my old ex-boyfriend nudes. I haven’t shared them with anybody, and I do worry if something happens to me they will be found. So I tell my family, just burn everything to the ground.

  3. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, part of the original BELL TELEPHONE legal argument against cell phones and other devices is about porn. YES ! They actually argue that pornography so public will happen to make sex meaningless. That is not their words. The actuals are a horror story legalese. Do you find the picture here sexy ? [ AINT SHE SWEET 1927 also JEAN AUSTIN 1927 ] .

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