Eurovision 2017!

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The Eurovision Song Contest 2017 is history. Salvador Sabral won the ESC for Portugal, beating Bulgaria and Moldova in the finals. Belgium came in fourth ahead of Sweden in fifth place. You can check out the full results here.

I wasn’t impressed by Sabral’s initial performance but the duet of the winning song with his sister and producer Luisa was actually quite nice. You can listen to the song on YouTube.

Isaiah Firebrace

Isaiah Firebrace

Probably more interesting to the audience of this blog were the two 17-year-old contestants though ;) Isaiah Firebrace was the first Aboriginal male to represent Australia at the ESC and he did quite well as you can see and hear below. Australia had a second moment of (questionable) glory later on by the way… click here to see it, slightly NSFW ;)

Super sweet too: Bulgaria’s entry Kristian Kostov with his aptly titled song Beautiful Mess which you can also check out below.

Kristian Kostov

Kristian Kostov

His song wasn’t exactly revolutionary but he’s such a bundle of cuteness and charisma that it’s incredibly hard not to root for him. I wish I could find the little intro/image film they played before his performance; if anyone can get their hands on it, please share it in the comments! This ins’t the one, but it’s still very cute.

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    1. 😈Thanks Feddor, that was one of the first links I was able to view without going through hoops!
      ~I indeed found his song “Beautiful Mess” quite lovely and well worth a listen: (this is my first time hearing it)

  1. Both boys were so damn cute!!! just wish they had been wearing tighter/skimpier outfits!!!

  2. I totally agree. Portugal made it by music. Bulgaria wins by cuteness. But AUS is exceptional – not only because they are not a member of eurovision (just a special guest). This “Isaiah” is a reason to stalk.

  3. I caught Isaiah’s performance by accident whilst channel surfing and texted a friend to say how cute he was. Thanks for Kristian, he too is quite lovely.

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