Eurovision 2019

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Eurovision was a bit of a letdown this year. Even for a show that many people watch because of, not despite, the questionable quality of some of the entries, the average quality of the songs was very… average.

I’m happy that the Dutchies won but their song, performed by bisexual singer Duncan Laurence, was not exactly a super hit. Italy and Sweden were solid. Cyprus was actually pretty good. But the only performance that really managed to stand out was Iceland.

The queer, anti-capitalist punk/metal/industrial band Hatari delivered the only memorable moment of the show–as well as a mini scandal that made the organisers visibly nervous.

Sending this kind of song to Eurovision and not shying away from using the massive publicity the contest attracts with its 200 million viewers to make a statement was a bold choice.

See you next year in the Netherlands then! In the meantime an American version of Eurovision seems to be in the works. Of course by a bunch of Swedes, makes sense ;) (If you’re not a regular ESC watcher: Swedish song writers usually pen half of the songs performed at the contest).


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  1. The Eurovision 2019 in Telaviv was a Whitewashing of an Aparthide Regime of State of Israel, Saying that, Bravo to Iceland Contestants to showing PALESTINAN Sign 😍

    1. Perhaps Pope Francis should call for a new Crusade, raise a new Order of Knights Templar … only this time, no more Mr. Nice Guy.

    2. Israel is NOT an apartheid state, what BS. One of the oldest religions in the world and there are still those who want to deny it one tiny country that represents less than 2% of the geography in the middle east. If you want to debate who was there first fine, but try doing some digging, archaeologically speaking of course. :-)

  2. MEH. Eurovision has gone downhill for years. It’s not about talent, it’s about virtue signaling. And LOL @ Blackhibou for his silly and ignorant apartheid comment.

  3. It’s a shame Hatari only performed in Israel. They should go to Gaza and spread their love there as well. :)

    1. Go to Gaza and perform for Hamas! Maybe they’ll treat Hatari the way they treat their gay male citizens, by pushing them off rooftops for the cheering mob below.

      Do leftist gays ever stop to ponder who they are allying themselves with? Gaza = Hamas = Iran.

      Didn’t Iran hang a couple of teenagers for being gay a few years ago?

      Israel is surrounded by pure evil, its the ONLY nation in the region that promotes equality including an annual gay pride parade.

  4. To be fair, Eurovision has been a bit of a letdown since 1956…

    Madonna paid a very subtle and graceful homage to some Israeli military leader, sporting a gigantic eye patch to hide her 60 years old wrinkles. She got paid €1M to sing a Like a Prayer riddled with false notes. I guess you get what you pay for.

    Duncan Laurence has a good voice but plays too much with it, and his song was not great musically. I didn’t know him before, so I could not understand why he won, but apparently the pro jury and the public knew him very well.

    Another success I don’t understand is the Italian song, so indigent musically. Come va, come va, come va…

    Hatari had a nice enough song, but apart from the lead singer, the voices were a bit weak and not holding the tune very well. They need more vocal work.

    I was still singing the entertaining Norwegian song this morning when I saw they won 5th place!

    I did not really understand how Australian space operas on sticks were a Eurovision category.

    Denmark was cute and simple, so different from the other songs, they should have won. The even cuter and simpler Slovenian couple was my favorite yesterday. There was so much love for each other in the eyes of both the man and the woman that it was an instant turn-on. Hard-on? Now, I know it was all done on purpose, but still. Watching them again today, the beautiful Slovenian language does not compensate for the musically poor song and singer.

    I never even heard of Bilal Hassani before yesterday, he seemed to have been a favorite of the French public who couldn’t vote for him. Great choice of dancers, very courageous, but it’s his own performance that let it down. His voice in French or English was barely audible over the music and background noise, not very sharp and precise either. Too bad, as his song had some nice words that could go far, like “when I dream, I am a king.”

    I was surprised about Spain’s 22nd position. Would have been a winner some years ago, now it’s all dance and pop and r&b. Well, it’s still good enough for me, so excuse me if I still hum it without noticing.

    The German “Sisters” did really poorly, but not so bad as the young Brit Michael Rice who apparently got his song from the hot Swede John Lundvik. Sweden was 6th, the UK last.

    I didn’t care much for the other songs, not really my cup of tea, even if they match most of the general public’s taste. Straights… ;)

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