Road to ESC 2019: Iceland

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Iceland didn’t compete in the finals of Eurovision since 2014, but this year they’re having a good chance to make it past the semi-finals. RUV have chosen Hatari to be Iceland’s representative in Israel this year.

The techno punk band from Reykjavik is unlike anything you’ve ever seen at Eurovision before. They are queer, they love BDSM, and they should be a big talking point at the competition.

Formed in 2015, Hatari consists of Klemens Nikulásson Hannigan, Matthías Tryggvi Haraldsson and Einar Hrafn Stefánsson. The band beat out five other performers in a local competition to gain the honor.

Iceland is the only Nordic country to never win the contest. While they’ve released a few singles, this is the biggest platform Hatari has ever had. They will be performing Hatrid Mun Sigra.

An Israeli organization has asked the government to prevent the Icelandic entrant into the Eurovision Song Contest being allowed in the country over alleged claims that Hatari intended to use its time on stage to express support for the Palestinians.

Israel is hosting the competition this year after its 2018 entrant Netta Barzilai claimed the trophy with her song “Toy.” The live final of the contest is set to take place in Tel Aviv on May 18.

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  1. That blond lead singer with the deep gruff voice can torture me with his Viking blood soaked “sword” of Odin anytime he wants. The big blond ass tease. The Music? Meh.

    1. Israel doesn’t need that music within their borders when they’re surrounded by dark and menacing communities, who by the way have zero respect for LGBTQ.

  2. This shows not all fags like any fag. Or, this shows not all homos are the same. All the music group has to do is be QUEER, fuck all political other wisings. OR, be musical and leave it there. OH ! ? They aint merely noisomes ? WHAT does this not figure out ? If jews are pure, they need fear not. JEWS are as pure as the American PURITANS with their black and white slaves (contractual obligators) bought off the slave markets. PALESTINE otherwises are as pure as either is. MUST be a better reason for wars. OH.
    Do obviously not understand any of all this. Will stop and … …

  3. Is your native alphabet Cyrillic, Coptic. Armenian, Georgian, Greek, Arabic, Hindi, Thai, Cantonese, Mandarin, or Japanese? I might be wrong, but I suspect that not only is English NOT your native language, but Latin is NOT your native script?

  4. Am trying to say there are also different and other types who may, or, may not like this group. For example, there is more than one gay-ish “bdsm” group. There is more than one “bdsm” person. Similarly, not all “gays” are gay. Some refuse the label. There are fags, queers, and other wierdos who refuse the “lgbt” label or feel it does it not apply to them. Simple example is the street walking whore who says fuck you. . . . . Some how Israelis and more get into this. . . . . Suffice to assert that not all homos are “gay”. Nor are all queers, fags, nor weirds. The “lgbt” label also does not include those who insist alcohol, heroin, cocaine, et al, &c, are their main sexual allure. REAL or otherwise. The “lgbt” label is their label for everyone but not everyone’s label for their selves.

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